offers simultaneous viewing of multiple videos and a new 'total' anti-cookie protection

The Mozilla Foundation just announced the release of version 86.0 of its popular Mozilla Firefox browser, which arrives loaded with news. And, apart from the usual performance improvements and the patching of security problems, this release makes emphasis on privacy:

"They shouldn't be tracking you online. Whether it's when you're checking your bank balance, when you're looking for the best doctor, or when you're shopping for shoes, unscrupulous tracking companies shouldn't be able to track you while you're browsing."

Total Cookie Protection

Thus, the first notable function is Total Cookie Protection for Firefox, a new privacy layer that adds to the already existing 'Enhaced Tracking Protection' (implemented two years ago and which, since last month, also protects us from so-called 'supercookies').

The Total Cookie Protection function, which will be implemented in both the PC and Android versions and It will be active if we configure the privacy controls in 'Strict' mode, is to isolate the cookies from each website to prevent them from being tracked from others.

This is how they explain it graphically from Mozilla:

Cookies Protection

How to configure Firefox to protect your privacy as much as possible


Another novelty of this version is the function Picture-in-Picture, which allows simultaneous viewing of multiple videos, as well as managing them, with keyboard shortcuts to fast forward and rewind them. Picture-in-Picture is available for both Windows and Linux and Mac users.

This is how it looks:

And more...

We will also see changes in Reader Mode and Print view. The first works from now on also in local HTML pages (that is, hosted on our own hard drive) and offers more color contrast when displaying the links. The second now looks like this, offering a cleaner design and better integration with our printer settings:

Print Preview

There's also news for web developers. Firefox now has the CSS function enabled image-set (), which makes it easy to display responsive images in CSS. Additionally, the Developer Tools toolbar allows see at a glance if there are code errors on the web that we are visualizing, thanks to a new red exclamation icon:

Devtools Show Errors

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