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Monitor the temperature of your Samsung Galaxy and its RAM memory with the new Samsung applications

The Samsung Galaxy Labs app, a compendium of experimental modules that seeks to expand the experience in the Samsung Galaxy, has updated several of its applications with news. In passing, it introduces two new modules: Memory Guardian and Thermal Guardian; dedicated to the care of memory and temperature, respectively.

Setting up a new Samsung Galaxy involves not only accessing the phone's hardware, but also an innumerable selection of software, led by One UI, which complete the user experience with more than what is needed. Yes, the cape is heavy on its own and comes loaded with bloatware. Even so, there is no doubt that it offers functionalities that other mobiles do not have. And Samsung doesn't stop there as it offers much more exclusive software; that is constantly expanding.

Monitor the temperature and RAM of your Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Labs

Samsung offers its users two applications dedicated to expanding the experience with the devices: Good Lock and Galaxy labs; the first dedicated to the extreme customization of the device and the second to its surveillance using experimental software. Both have been updated to make the jump to One UI 3. And Samsung Galaxy Labs recently added two applications: Thermal Guardian and Memory Guardian.

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The idea that Galaxy Labs modules walk through is that of enhance device use while monitoring key hardware and software issues. It is precisely there that the new apps are directed, since their task is to offer a broad view of how the RAM is working and what temperature the temperature sensors detect.

Thermal Guardian

Samsung Galaxy Labs

The app keeps track of the device's temperature with the thresholds it reaches throughout the day. Provide graphs to correctly understand the values. And allows lower the threshold so that the device does not protrude- If Thermal Guardian detects overheating it will automatically slow down the GPU throttle. It can also be increased.

Memory guardian

Samsung Galaxy Labs

This application analyzes the use of RAM memory in the Samsung Galaxy that install it to show different graphs with which to understand the load suffered by this component. It has a history and a real-time monitor; with the applications that occupy each specific portion of memory. And it has an added bonus: Memory guardian allows one-touch memory cleaning.

In addition to including two new modules, Samsung Galaxy Labs updates some of those already included. Redesigned interface in several; Y Battery Guardian offers more power saving options, for example. You can download all these apps through Samsung Galaxy Labs: it can be found in the Galaxy Store through this link.

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