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Mobile phones are becoming more expensive and the fault could be Qualcomm

According to a consumer association, Qualcomm is to blame for the current high price of smartphones.

Yes, mobiles are getting more and more expensive. The reasons why smartphones are increasingly priced are clear: on the one hand the current market crisis and on the other hand, technologies such as 5G.

The truth is that with less demand from consumers, companies earn less money, which has led to an increase in the cost of devices. Now, as we have been able to read in Engadget, it seems that there is another reason why users and consumers have to pay more money when buying a mobile phone. Guilty? It appears to be Qualcomm and its processors.

The blame for the high price of smartphones could be Qualcomm

Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 in addition to being very beautiful, is quite expensive

The chip company is apparently facing a lawsuit from a UK consumer group that could force it to compensate them. The amount that is claimed? About $ 683 million in damages for an alleged competition law violation.

According to one of the most important consumer associations in that country, Qualcomm would have used its dominance in the processor market to charge inflated fees to such important brands as Apple and Samsung. This would have caused these marks had to increase the price of smartphones, which would have had an impact on the pockets of end users.

The idea is clear. Qualcomm manufactures the most powerful processors for smartphones of the moment - a clear example is the Snapdragon 888-, if brands want to use their chips they have to pay an extra cost. By paying this extra cost to Qualcomm, firms pass it on to end users. Definitely, that smartphones are becoming more and more expensive and that is not good news for our pockets.

Qualcomm has denied these allegations. It seems that everything will be resolved in court.

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