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Microsoft's cloud made more money in 2020 than Amazon and Google combined

Adding up the figures that Microsoft has published about its quarterly earnings throughout 2020, everything points to its revenue from its cloud services has doubled that of Amazon and Google together. The figure is surprising, although it should be anticipated that there are important nuances to this disparity in figures.

According to official data, Microsoft would have achieved a revenue in the cloud During the past year that amounted to 59,900 million dollars, adding the figures reported in the various quarters and after knowing that in the last three months of the year it achieved 16,700 million dollars, after a growth of 34% compared to the same period of 2019. Azure was the Microsoft product that grew the most in the last quarter of 2020.

AWS and Google Cloud revenue


For its part, Amazon Web Services, Amazon's division for its cloud services it achieved nearly $ 45.4 billion in revenue over the past year. Google, which was the third company that entered the most in cloud services, had a revenue of 13,000 million dollars annually.

Now, with these figures, it must be said that AWS is still the brand with the largest market share. So how are Microsoft's figures explained? Because the Redmond company is not reflecting only the sales of its Azure services. In fact, the same press release showing its results for the fourth quarter, the company explains that “accelerating demand for our differentiated offerings boosted revenue commercial cloud. "Microsoft also has, for example, the OneDrive service.

The big cloud battle to win over developers


With this, it should be noted that when we talk about the comparison we are not comparing Azure with AWS, the star cloud services for developers. In the middle of 2006, Amazon launched AWS, its cloud platform for developers.

Amazon Web Services: this is its story and this is how it has been successfully written by Andy Jassy, ​​future CEO of Amazon

At that time, the company was already a successful e-commerce website and had learned a lot about the infrastructure of services on the internet, but no one imagined that it would become one of the leaders of the cloud computing surpassing technological giants of the time such as IBM or Oracle, both with decades of experience behind them.

Currently, Amazon dominates the market for cloud services, followed by Microsoft's Azure and Google Cloud. Since Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft, the company has put a lot of strength into its cloud and its PaaS and SaaS cloud.

In 2020, the fact that the pandemic led to millions of people being confined, working remotely more than ever, communicating online and playing games over the Internet, boosted the cloud infrastructure. In fact, Canalys figures estimate that global spending on cloud infrastructure During the past year it amounted to 142,000 million dollars, 33% more than in 2019.

Probably the big point in favor of Azure for a long time is that many companies deploy on Windows and have the entire Microsoft software ecosystem ready. The inclution, almost ubiquitous, Azure makes it easy for any Microsoft service to be used on Microsoft's cloud infrastructure without much friction.

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