Microsoft Word can help you type faster with its predictive writing starting in March

The roadmap that the Redmond has set for Microsoft 365 includes the arrival of predictive typing to Microsoft Word next March. Specifically, how it has progressed Neowin, the predictive text function will come to the word processor for Windows.

"Text predictions in Word for Windows help users type more efficiently by predicting text quickly, timely, and accurately"explains Microsoft.

Word's text predictions are intended to speed up and improve writing by reducing possible errors

The company, as we can see in the same roadmap, has also started to implement this feature in Microsoft Outlook for Windows, Android and iOS, as well as in the Microsoft To Do productivity application during the month of February. In November it came to Outlook on the web, although only in English.

This is how Word's text predictions work

Word's text predictions, also Outlook's, have the same idea: help users type faster and more accurately, while reducing spelling and grammar errors. All this, in addition, improving with time and use.

Predictive writing works by writing, without more. As we write a text, the system will be able to suggest us how what we are writing continues and we will be able to accept it using the tabulator or rejecting it using the Esc key. Over time, the function learns from our way of writing and our patterns, becoming more effective. A winning combo along with the rewrite feature now available in English.

Over time, the function learns from our way of writing and our patterns, being more effective

Word rewriting tips are ahead of Google Docs: now they will allow you to rewrite entire sentences to improve them

This feature has been available in English so far, although in the roadmap on which it will come to Microsoft Word, as well as the one that will come to Outlook and To Do no particular language is specified. It is pointed out, instead, in the feature for Outlook on the web. Since Genbeta We have contacted the company to inquire about the languages ​​in which this new feature will be available.

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