Almost 10 years after its launch, about 200,000 people still use a Xiaomi Mi 2

Microsoft has realized that few will miss it

Two days ago, Microsoft released a new Windows 10 update, Build 21322, for members of the Windows Insider program. Now we know that, among the many corrections and changes included in it, was concealment of a ubiquitous item in Windows Explorer: the special folder '3D Objects'.

This directory was included among the fixed folders of 'This team' (and thus in the file explorer sidebar ') following another Windows 10 update, 1703 or' Creators Update ', in 2017.

His arrival in our teams, which occurred at the same time as the Paint 3D and 3D Visor applications, was due to the strong bet that Microsoft was making at that time for the technologies of 'mixed reality' (virtual reality and augmented reality) ...

... technologies that have proven to be a fiasco in the consumer market. neither the Kinect (for Xbox One), nor the HoloLens nor the Windows Mixed Reality platform and their virtual reality headsets met with user approval, and have been relegated to the business market.

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This is why the 3D Objects folder has been revealed, for most users, as a mere waste of available screen space, because it is rare who makes use of it to host that type of files.

How to access (and unhide) the folder

Well, as soon as the Windows 10 update begins to reach our computers, this folder will disappear from 'This computer' and it will become available only by accessing 'C: Users[nombre de usuario] 3D Objects'.

If, once this folder has disappeared, we want to restore it to its current status, it will be enough to access'View> Navigation Pane' Y select "Show all folders in File Explorer".