Magisk is updated saying goodbye to Magisk Manager and with support for the Samsung Galaxy S21

One of the key applications for users with administrator access has just been updated to a round version: Magisk 22 is now available for download. This famous compendium of tools to hide the ROOT, apart from to install modules, now dispense with Magisk Manager, the application that served to manage its functions. In addition, add other news.

Having ROOT access on an Android mobile opens the door to a huge number of possibilities, but it also has a drawback: apps can detect access preventing their start. There is also another problem: Google SafetyNet, the system that is responsible for checking the integrity of the device. To overcome the drawbacks there is nothing like Magisk, a development that has reached full maturity. And with the new update it gets even better.

Say goodbye to Magisk Manager


It is not that Magisk loses functions just because the Manager application ceases to exist, rather the opposite: John wu, developed behind the project, has combined Magisk and Magisk Manager so that the integration make it easy to protect the rooted device from administrator access detection. Magisk v22 already dispenses with the aforementioned Manager.

What is Magisk, what is it for and how is it installed

As the list of changes suggests, Magisk v22 represents an important leap in the tool, even if there is no exaggerated amount of added functions. Apart from integrating the management core and the administrator within the same tool, and deleting the mentions of 'Magisk Manager' from the development, the tool adds support for the Samsung Galaxy S21, improves stealth technique so the system doesn't detect Magisk, provides alerts on invalid states and how to fix them, fixes numerous bugs, and also improves stability.

The update is recommended to all those who regularly use Magisk (Magisk Manager must be restored to its normal state). For this, the tool itself offers the possibility of updating; with the option to go directly to the Magisk repository to download the latest updated version. Remember: it is no longer necessary to install Magisk Manager as it is integrated into Magisk.

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