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Looking for an alternative to the Google Notes app? These are the best Google Keep-like options you can use.

During years, Google Keep It has been the preferred note app for millions of people, thanks to its versatility and ease of use when it comes to storing texts, reminders, to-do lists or shopping lists. However, the app has been around for a while without updating or receiving new features or enhancements, lagging somewhat behind other notes apps for Android.

If you are one of those who is still looking for the perfect alternative to Google KeepToday we are going to help you choose the best option that you can use among all those that exist today in the Google Play Store.

Google Keep, notes app for Android

Google Keep is one of the most famous note apps for Android.

Alternatives to Google Keep: the best note apps you can use

Most likely, if you are looking for a Notes app alternative to Keep, are you looking for one application without too many complications, that offers you the possibility of save your notes and keep them tidy in the simplest way possible. For this reason, we have selected seven options of different types that can be adapted to the needs of each person.

Bundled Notes

Probably, the best notes app for Android that exists.

Bundled Notes It is a recent application, but it has already become one of our essentials, and one of those apps that are too good to be free.

Not only does it have a excellent design based on the Material Design lines. In addition, it carries the you notice a step further thanks to a totally unique organization system based on bundles, tags, kanban boards and much more.

Bundled Notes

Bundled Notes, a notes app for Android.

In addition, the stored notes have markdown format support, and you can view or edit them from your computer using the web version of Bundled Notes if we subscribe to the version Pro, available for 1.89 euros per month or 15.99 euros per year.


Chosen in its day by Google as one of the Android apps with the best design, ruff is another of our favorite note apps, and without a doubt an essential tool on our mobile.

The app is designed to write and save notes without too much hassle, thanks to a minimalist design and a simple format, which allows write everything you need on a sheet of text, which is automatically saved and restored between sessions.

The application is free, although there is the possibility of acquiring the version Pro for a price of 1.69 euros. In addition, it has a Windows version available on the Microsoft App Store.


Lumine is the best alternative to Google Keep that exists today.

It may not be a better note app than Bundled or ruff, but it is the one that more like Google notes app.

Its design is very similar, with colored notes on the main screen of the application, and an aesthetic according to the Material design lines. However, it adds functions that are not present in Keep such as the possibility of transcribe images and pass them to text.

It also includes features like automatic cloud sync, organization by categories, reminders and tasks and more. All this, in exchange for a single payment of 1.09 euros.

Notes by Firefox

It is not the first time that we talk about the Firefox notes app, the company in charge of the famous Web navigator.

Notes by Firefox is a notes app that stands out for its security, since the notes remain encrypted at all times.

However, it gives the possibility of sync notes between devices thanks to our Firefox account.

Notes by Firefox for Android

The Firefox Notes app for Android.

It is a totally free app, but at the moment it is in development phase.


Notion it is much more than a notes and texts application. It is a service all in one that, with a little dedication, can serve to organize your life in full.

Its creators define it as an editor that combines notes, tasks and wikis in the same application. However, it goes much further through functions such as databases, the ability to add rich multimedia content, web page embedding, real-time collaboration, offline access, and much more.


Notion, much more than a notes and tasks app.

At first, the myriad of features Notion provides can be a bit overwhelming. But once you become familiar with its mechanics, it is one of the most versatile applications out there.


Another note app free and with a design similar to Google Keep Notes is PastelNotes.

Again, we are talking about an app that allows you to create notes categorized by colors, with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

One of its most interesting functions is the possibility of block access to notes with a PIN or fingerprint, so that only we can access them.


If you are looking for a powerful notes and texts app with cloud synchronization, and that also serves as an alternative to Evernote, Microsoft OneNote it may be one of the best options out there.

It is a multiplatform application with synchronization through our Microsoft account, which among other things offers notepads, freehand writing, real-time collaboration, tags, organization by pages or categories, support for multimedia elements and many other interesting options.

OneNote for Android

Microsoft OneNote for different devices.

The app can be download and use completely free on any device.

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