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it is no longer possible to send music to the connected speakers

Free Spotify users now have fewer features in their app - the business you have blocked the ability to share music with the connected speakers. From now on this option is restricted to those who are subscribed to the Premium service.

There is no doubt that Spotify has become the number one music streaming app thanks to its free aspect. It is true that music looks very limited and Spotify inserts adsbut, in exchange, it is possible to gain access to a large number of options without paying a penny. Of course, free accounts are losing their appeal, especially if the user has a connected speaker.

Goodbye to Google Home and Chromecast compatibility

Spotify Share Devices

Until now it was possible to open a playlist on the phone and send it to a connected device (compatible speakers, televisions, video players ...). It involved only two steps: click on the device icon and choose one of those that appears in the list. This still works the same for Premium users, but changes completely for those who don't pay for Spotify.

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As we read in 9to5Google, and as we have personally verified in our accounts, Spotify has removed the option to share content with Google's connected speakers, also with Google Chromecast (or Android TV with Chromecast integrated) and other equivalent devices, such as Smart TVs.

The list of devices continues to be recognized as long as the phone is connected to a WiFi network that has them. The problem is that free users can only view said list: The message of 'Premium users only' makes it clear that the company has decided to restrict options in order to move part of the customers who do not pay to the segment of those who do.

Spotify Share Devices Left, device sharing with a free account; right, Spotify Premium

The limitation of free accounts is already active in these accounts. The only way to share music wirelessly from the application is by being a Premium client or by connecting the mobile to the speakers (or other devices) via Bluetooth.

Via | 9to5Google