it costs less than 40 euros

Carrefour sells one of the cheapest Android phones available in Spain ... and it has not taken long to run out.

For the same cost a Xiaomi Mi Band 5 you can have a mobile with quad-core processor, 5-inch screen and a battery of the same capacity as the iPhone 12: 2,800 mAh.

Its about Innjoo Fire 2 LTE Air, a device whose popularity has exploded in recent hours after the French supermarket chain Carrefour offered it through its website to a price of only 39.99 euros.

This is the "Carrefour mobile" of 40 euros

Carrefour's mobile

This is Carrefour's 40-euro mobile, a Chinese terminal with specifications from several years ago.

Carrefour's strategy with this device reminds us of Lidl's with one of its star products last month, a 70-euro Android smartphone. In both cases, in addition, we speak of terminals that are not produced by the chain itself, but of products from third-party firms that both LIDL and Carrefour distribute on their own.

In this case, yes, we are talking about a even more basic device than the LIDL mobile signed by Gigaset. It's about a phone with the stamp of the Chinese signature InnJoo, increasingly popular in the Spanish market.

How much with one 5-inch screen and HD resolution, and a quad-core processor along with 1 GB of RAM. Its battery is 2,800 mAh capacity, and its software is based on Android 5.1.

This last aspect should be enough to completely rule out your purchase. Nevertheless, its low price has made the device is exhausted on the Carrefour website. After all, we are talking about one of the cheapest Android smartphones available in Spain.

As alternatives, we could talk about models like the Nokia C1 Plus, a device whose price starts from 69 euros, which also offers latest specs and better support for updates. In our list of best cheap mobiles of 2021 it is also possible to find much more attractive alternatives than the InnJoo Fire 2 Air.

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