Installing APK applications on Wear OS is easy again thanks to Wear Installer

After the setback to the installation of APKs on watches with Wear OS, a tool has already appeared that returns control to its users: Wear installer. With it the installation of apps on smartwatches taking advantage of the connection between watch and mobile. It can now be downloaded.

Google has been maintaining the possibility of installing applications from outside the store since it started its journey through Android: APKs are one of the greatest advantages of these devices. This option was inherited by the rest of the systems adapted to other platforms, such as TVs or watches. Now Google recently restricted the parallel tap to such Wear OS watches. Unsurprisingly, they have already found a way around those restrictions.

Wear Installer, a method to install applications by ADB

Wear Installer Wear Installer up and running. Malcolm Bryant image

Android allows the management of devices by means of commands thanks to ADB, a really powerful instruction system designed for developers. Thanks to it, it is possible to eliminate system applications to capture the screen from the computer; options also found in Wear OS, the system for smart watches.

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The app we are talking about, Wear Installer, takes advantage of the ADB commands to offer a friendly interface for the user and with which it is very simple reinstall apps on Wear OS. It is safe, it enables the uploading of APKs from the mobile, it allows uploading the Wear OS components of mobile apps and all you need is an Android phone.

The creator of Wear Installer is Malcolm Bryant, a developer specialized in Android who already had several apps for Wear OS. And the latter will surely be to the taste of a large part of users, especially those who saw their options cut when Google limited the upload of apps to smart watches.

Malcolm recorded a video where he perfectly explains how his app works.


To download Wear Installer, just go to the Freepoc page and look for it in the list: it is an APK that must be installed manually on the phone. Then just follow the instructions in the application.

Via | XDA Developers