Almost 10 years after its launch, about 200,000 people still use a Xiaomi Mi 2

If you want to remember what you were tweeting a year ago before the pandemic and lockdown, you can do it with this command

Or, memories of a past life that will never be what it was. We are close to completing a year since the confinement of the entire population began with the first state of alarm in Spain in March 2020, so Some It has occurred to them that it is an interesting exercise to look at what each one was tweeting in the previous days.

Practically nobody, neither in Spain nor in more than half the world can say that they had lived a similar experience. The events of this global pandemic are unprecedented in modern life, and what people comment on Twitter in each era is undoubtedly an interesting reflection of what was happening on the planet at that time.

How to search for tweets from a specific user in a specific period of time

As well as you can use operators In the Google search engine to make more exact searches, the Twitter search engine also offers you several of these special commands to further refine your searches on the social network.

Twitter Advanced Search

The operators can be combined, so if, for example, you want to search all Genbeta tweets from February 26 to March 14, 2020, you would only have to enter the Twitter search engine and write:

from:genbeta since:2020-02-26 until:2020-03-14

You can use this same exercise by replacing the username with the Twitter account that interests you and the dates that interest you. If you do it from the Twitter website, choose the "Most recent" tab to show all the tweets published in that time frame.

Advanced searches on Twitter: commands and operators to get the most out of them

By default Twitter shows you the "Featured" tab with a selection of the tweets with the most interactions in that time interval, only in the most recent section they all appear.