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"I can't afford it, but I try"

Twitch, despite being a platform inextricably associated with video games, has a special potential for directing in general. A conversation between friends, a relaxed interview, a monologue by anyone with the participation of those who follow the broadcast, even a few bells ... or the broadcast of everyday life.

Nothing new, although it may or may seem so, because that was precisely the purpose of —The platform that gave birth to Twitch— when it was born back in 2007. Justin Kan, one of its creators, was the first streamer of the site and its channel, the only one back then, broadcast his daily life live thanks to a camera installed in the cap he was wearing and a device that transmitted the signal.

Titus started as a 'rider' after running out of savings after being fired from his previous job as an Uber driver; by distributing you can pay for what the direct ones involve and continue creating IRL content

Is what you do today José, better known as TitusClan or simply Titus. A 30-year-old young man who has become popular from the streets of Madrid, mainly broadcasting his day to day as rider of home delivery platforms. He has been a lifeguard, painter, VTC driver, restocker ... until the deliveries and direct IRL (In Real Life) crossed his path.

Starting from a bad reference to do the right thing

"I was watching Twitch once and ended up on the stream of a channel called hyubsama, which is a Japanese that broadcast [y sigue retransmitiendo] his life. Most of the time he was at home eating, playing or talking to the chat ", Titus explains to Genbeta. It seemed curious to him, it interested him and he began to investigate other similar channels.

It was like this came to Ice Poseidon, a popular streamer American known for being one of the pioneers of the IRL genre and always involved in controversy for his ways and those of his followers. As Titus recalls, he became famous in 2017 for the trouble he ended up in. "He did whatever it took to get attention, gain more audience and go viral. He did it, he was streamer most viewed on the platform in the category (at that time the IRL category had a lot of weight) every time it broadcast ", he tells us.

"It was a lot of fun to watch, but also a great lesson in what not to do."

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Paul Denino, that's his real name, was eventually banned from Twitch after starring in an incident on a flight- He was thrown from a plane at the Phoenix airport after one of his spectators reported a bomb threat on his behalf. Suffered the swatting for the last time on the platform now owned by Amazon.

All of this made Ice Poseidon a reference for TitusClan.. "I talk about him because he was the one I looked for not to cross certain limits and to know how important it is not to have a toxic community. It was a lot of fun to watch, but also a great lesson in what not to do."

The life of a rider live


Titus is clear that his current job, nor those he has held in the past, fill it. His goal is to dedicate himself to Twitch full time, so he advises on his channel that "It's still not what it should be until I save up enough to give it my all". His goal, when that moment that he still sees far away arrives, is to make another type of content and leave Madrid. "I've seen it pretty well," he says.

Before I start being the one streamer what is today, made direct from home until becoming an affiliate. Once the goal is achieved, in the purest style of typical videos in real lifeIt was simply recorded on a walk through the Spanish capital.

"I earned more as a driver, but distributing I had that flexibility and freedom to do what I wanted to be the live shows"

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"Then I put the camera on my chest and over time people were subscribing. Until I started to distribute live and I was investing that money in improving my team of stream"Titus explains. He did it because he ran out of money. Before starting he worked as a driver for Uber and was fired for not reaching the minimum billing for two consecutive months. It was after his dismissal that he started broadcasting on Twitch with vlog content and, when he ran out of savings, he started working as rider. "I earned more as a conductor, but distributing I had that flexibility and freedom to do what I wanted the direct ones to be."

Riding on his motorcycle, His live shows perfectly and in the first person portray what the job of a delivery man is.

Equipped with a Sony Action Cam on your chest or shoulder, a mobile phone on one of your arms that allows you to follow what those who see you live, an encoder, three modems with three unlimited data lines, two batteries external messages and a system that transforms certain messages from its followers into audio So that you can listen to them without losing sight of the road, José shows his work as if it were a video game. On one occasion with a clean image and on others with a layer of GTA San Andreas, which shows statistics such as its location on the map and broadcast statistics.

José shows his work as if it were a video game

Titusclan Genbeta Fabada

In one of his live shows, a poorly closed container caused the bag in which he was transporting a bean to break and the food fell to the ground at the time of delivery.

Long waits in areas where they are concentrated riders waiting for orders, their arrival at restaurants, the trip to customers' homes and even deliveries. Even delicate moments like the one that happened when he delivered a fabada at home: practically in front of the customer, the bag in which he was carrying the plate broke and the food ended up scattered on the floor. In the moments when he interacts with other people, such as when picking up orders and delivering them, his camera focuses on the ground.

Titus shows even the most delicate moments in his live shows: like when a customer's meal, a plate of fabada, ended up on the floor at the precise moment of delivery.

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"I record my activity on the street and it is for the sole purpose of documenting my activity as a delivery person and my daily life," he explains when we ask him about the privacy of third parties. "In private areas or when I get to the client's house, the camera focuses on my feet and nobody finds out about anything". This is so, he details, because they have opened clients with scantily clad or famous people. "And nobody has found out about this," he says. When the problem, instead of being the video, may be the audio, he occasionally deactivates his microphone so that what he or others say is not recorded.

The emissions are not publicly available beyond issuance, since they have an expiration date, except for those that he moves to his YouTube channel, which he wants to promote from now on. Of course, keep a copy on a private server.

"I can't afford these direct ones, but I try"

Titus Genbeta

Titus armed with his broadcast equipment.

Titus currently has more than 51,000 followers on Twitch, 30,000 on Instagram, around 2,000 on his YouTube channel and just over 1,700 On twitter. With these figures, for now, does not obtain a remarkable income, although he earns more than as a delivery man.

In fact, he acknowledges, he can't afford these direct ones, but he tries. "All I earn is to pay for direct tickets, internet, server, services to improve the signal, equipment that breaks and I have to replace," he explains. In fact, in the months that he has been combining direct and distributions, he has had to replace two GoPro that were broken. "Average spending of 500 to 1000 euros per month in direct. Many times the money goes to repair things that break or fail. Others in improving the equipment so that the direct one works well.

"I don't see the benefit of directing on Twitch, except for how much fun I find it and because I trust that maybe at some point that could change."

"I don't see the benefit of doing live shows on Twitch, except for how fun it seems to me and because I trust that maybe at some point that could change. There is something about these shows that pushes me to continue and that is that every time I see something new I want to find out what that is and how I can do it live while having fun. [...] But it's an illusion because everything I earn goes to live expenses. I have not reached enough people yet, "he says." If you are a nobody on the Internet, it will take you work and luck.

Despite their discreet figures, their live shows have had some impact on social networks for some time and have attracted attention for multiple reasons. During the hardest part of the confinement, essentially during the months of March and April, its emissions managed to bring what was happening out there closer to those of us who stayed home out of responsibility and necessity. Now, with the situation somewhat more normalized, his work also shows what it means to be rider.

Their live shows have had some repercussion on social networks for some time and have attracted attention for multiple reasons.

Titus Earnings 12 Hours Direct

After delivering for 12 hours (broadcasting his day live), Titus won 66.97 euros.

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José believes that the percentages that are handled in this sector do not benefit everyone equally. "The delivery men are what lose out in the equation. Taking advantage of the unemployment situation and political chaos, those who have the money have the upper hand," he considers. "There are companies that offer better percentages to their delivery men and conditions. If they can, why don't the big ones do it? As long as I'm a delivery person I will continue to rant against all these companies." He recently made a live show of just over 12 hours delivering food; after the long day, he entered 66.97 euros for the cast.

The fame that he is gradually accumulating has already made him relatively well known. "The good thing about doing IRL on the street is that I sometimes coincide with the people who see me. A few days ago I came across a follower on the portal who said that I was in the background and that he accompanied him a lot while he worked. More recently, At a McDonald's, some kids greeted me while wearing the stream on his mobile ", he tells us.

"Sometimes connecting with someone in real life is difficult and now, with the internet, we can choose who we want with us"

You don't think you have a specific profile of a follower, but It is clear that the type of content it makes has a future, at least in general terms. "We are consuming more and more video and we want to be close to other people in an environment where we are more and more connected and, I think, we are feeling more and more alone. Sometimes connecting with someone in real life is difficult and now With the internet, we can choose who we want with us. When you find someone you like or admire, you want to be closer and know what they think or how they behave. With live shows it is easier to get to show that real and more natural part than in an edited video where you can hide who you are. "