Huawei founder says iPhone 12 is "the best phone in the world"

Most interesting, the last interview of Huawei's 'boss' ... Is it us, or has Ren Zhengfei lost his mind?

A few months ago Manzana introduced us to the four flavors of his new iPhone 12 family, with interesting news such as the fall from grace of the charger and with disparate opinions such as that of the boss from Redmi, which he said he was quite disappointed well "The only iPhone 12 that is worth it is the iPhone 12".

He is not the only manager of a large manufacturer who has talked about the iPhone 12, although none of these opinions has been as interesting as that of Ren zhengfei, Huawei's top president, who has left a few interesting pearls in an interview with the South China Morning Post and that was collected this afternoon by Softpedia, with such a striking headline like the one you have seen ... Is it true then that the iPhone 12 is the best mobile in the world?

Huawei CEO praises the iPhone

That Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei, has said that the iPhone 12 is the best mobile in the world? WTF… !! ??

Many may have thought that if the CEO of Huawei says it, it must be true, but the truth is that Ren Zhengfei's words can be understood as interested If we explain the context, and it is that the CEO of the Chinese giant was really talking about vetoes, bans and the Huawei 5G technology that according to him, has demonstrated thanks to Apple that "It's good".

Yes, Apple has the best mobile in the world ... But for the interest I love you Andrés!

In fact, the founder and current CEO of Huawei has explained to Chinese journalists that the iPhone 12 is certainly the best smartphone in the world, and it is that in his opinion the Cupertino device helps prove your own technology is worth it Really.

“High-end customers in Europe love Apple. Since Huawei no longer has 'premium' phones, Apple smartphones have helped us show that our 5G technology is good. " Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei.

As you will see, it is not only a praise of Apple but a wink to drop that its 5G technologyPerhaps the main reason for the American veto, it works well and is safe. Some statements that you are probably looking for bring positions closer to the United States and its technology.

Not surprisingly, the conversation continued around the restrictions to which Huawei has been subjected in recent times, which even led them to sell Honor to make money with their signature spin-off and thus free her from her problems, confirming that Huawei still struggles to regain its ability to do business with companies in the United States.

Ren Zhengfei says that will try to meet with the new tenant of the White House, Joe Biden, who initially decided to maintain the veto of Huawei, and openly called for a policy that can benefit everyone in an industry that greatly helps the entire population:

"I would love for such phone calls to happen, and our message would revolve around joint development and shared success." Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei.

And finally, despite the criticism of HarmonyOS for its simple aftertaste fork Android, The truth is that Zhengfei has confirmed that they will not give up smartphones, as it is about a key market for Huawei, which will continue to invest in smartphones even without Google or Android services:

“We have already said that our 5G technology can be transferred in its entirety, and that includes not only development rights but also source code and programs. If the United States needs our chip technology, we can transfer it. Our words are sincere, but no one has come to negotiate with us until now. " Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei.

They trust from Huawei in continue working to deal with all these difficulties that have been presented to them, although they acknowledge that they certainly your financial results will fall drastically in the coming quarters especially in international markets, where Google services are highly appreciated and where competition with other Chinese firms now leaves them in a worse situation.

At least it seems that Huawei wants to redirect the situation, so we will see in the next few months if there is a real rapprochement of positions with the Biden Administration, which has started its journey without touching too many keys regarding these commercial vetoes ... Let's hope to see Huawei again in top form, because its most 'premium' devices were at the level of the best!

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