How to watch Pluto TV in the 'Live' section of the Amazon Fire TV without having to open the app

Pluto TV is a free content platform for free and without registration that allows us view dozens of live channels and video on demand. The service can be seen on many platforms through applications, its website and even through Kodi with an addon.

Today we are going to tell you how to watch Pluto TV the 'Live' section of an Amazon Fire TV Stick, thanks to the integration in that section of its application. In it we already saw how content from Atresplayer or RTVE appeared, but Over time it is expanding and now Pluto TV is also offered, direct from Twitch, etc. It thus becomes a kind of TV that combines traditional channels with the latest streaming trends.

So easy how to install the application

When we talked about the service when it appeared in Spain in November, we mentioned that it would be interesting if the contents of Mediaset or even Pluto TV were integrated into those live shows that Amazon offered us. Finally it has been like that, and to be able to see more than 50 channels on the Fire TV from that menu, You only have to install the application from the Fire TV Stick application store, normal, lite or 4K.

Download Pluto

To install it, the most direct way is to click on the Pluto TV box, which is offered together with other applications in the "Live" section. Once we do, we will be offered the option to download, and from there we can open it normally.

In addition, and this is what we are interested in, it will be fully integrated into the section, which will offer us to see, for example, 'Pluto TV Cine estelar', 'Tierra de lobos' or the recent channel 'Without tits there is no paradise'.

Programming On Pluto Tv On Fire Tv

This is how Pluto TV's programming is shown in 'Live'.

The most interesting thing is that 'Live' It has a guide where we can see the current and future programming by hour of all the applications that are integrated there, although it can also be filtered to see Pluto TV separately from RTVE and Atresplayer, which are the others we had in our case.

How to watch live TV and DTT channels on the Internet

Once we choose the channel we want to see, from the programming list or from the channels suggested by the platform, the chosen video will start directly, without having to open the application separately or a launch animation is displayed.