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How to uninstall applications in Windows 10 following Microsoft's recommendations (and not only)

Knowing how to find reliable applications for your Windows computer is just as important as knowing what is the best way to uninstall such programs. Because although we know how to uninstall applications in Windows 10 because we have done it hundreds of times, it does not hurt to remember what are the methods that Microsoft recommends.

That is what we are going to discuss in this article, the different ways that Redmond operating system users have to get rid of applications or programs that we no longer need on our computer or that we simply want to remove from it for whatever reason. All this, following the correct steps so that the process runs as it should and without problems.

We explain different methods with which you can safely uninstall applications and programs from Windows 10

How to uninstall applications from the Start menu

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The shape probably faster uninstalling or removing an application from Windows 10 consists of going to the start menu from our computer. As simple as clicking on the button that we find on our desktop with the Windows logo or doing the same with the key that practically all keyboards have.

Once here, we can search the list of applications for the one we want to uninstall and, once found, right-click on it. In the menu that will appear, we will simply have to click on Uninstall and follow the scheduled process. As simple as that.

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How to uninstall apps from Settings

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Windows 10 drags from its birth an eternal transition from the Control Panel, which we knew from previous versions of the system, to the current Configuration. Many users still prefer to use the configuration options from the old settings center, even though the new one works really well. And that is precisely what we are going to see now.

To uninstall an application from Settings, just access it through the Start menu and its icon, the nut. Once in the Settings panel, we must access Applications and make sure we are in the section Applications and Features or Apps and Features.

On this page we will find the list of installed applications, we can find the one that we are interested in removing by scrolling through the list, filtering by different values ​​or using the searched one and, once the one we want to uninstall is located, we simply have to click on it and the button will appear Uninstall. Click on it and the process will start as in the previous method.

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How to uninstall programs from Control Panel

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From the historical Control Panel that we mentioned before we can proceed to uninstall programs in Windows 10. To find it, we can start typing his name in the search box on the taskbar or, if we have it hidden, click on the Start menu and, also, start typing its name.

Once located, we access it, we select the section Programs and the option Uninstall a program. We will find the classic list in which we can search, filter or scroll. When we have found the program to remove, we simply click on it and press the button Uninstall that we will find in the upper left part of the list.

If we have problems uninstalling

When uninstalling programs or applications we must bear in mind that there may be some of them that do not allow their uninstallation. Either because they are integrated into Windows, so in principle we would not have much to do if their function in the system is important, or because for some reason there has been a problem and we cannot uninstall a program.

To solve it we must download the Microsoft troubleshooter from here and run it. The steps that we must follow are indicated by the application itself and, if a program does not appear in the uninstall options, we will be asked for its product code. This identification of the program can be obtained with an MSI file reading tool, such as Lessmsi, which will allow us to see the product code in the file's properties table.

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Beyond Microsoft's recommendations

Uninstalling from PowerShell

If you want to uninstall Windows 10 apps that a priori they do not allow it, you should know that it is possible to get rid of them, although the process is somewhat more complex. We must use the system terminal and enter a specific code as we explain in detail here to achieve it. All this by running Windows PowerShell as administrator. If you wanted the Groove Music application, for example, you would have to use this command code in PowerShell: "Get-AppxPackage zunemusic | Remove-AppxPackage".

It is also possible to uninstall a program using its own uninstaller looking for it in the program folder that we will find by accessing our hard drive from This team or through third-party solutions, when things get especially complicated, such as the historic Revo Uninstaller.

By last, if your problem is related to the bloatware, that is, it is one of those applications that installs us with the system but is not typical of it, We have at our disposal another Microsoft tool, Refresh Windows Tool that serves to get rid of everything that is not necessary. It is a faster option than the previous ones, although we must be aware that we are going to leave the operating system absolutely clean because the objective of the tool is to start from scratch with the system.