How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S21

Taking a screenshot on the Galaxy S21 is easy, but you can always get even more out of this feature. Find out how.

Since you have your Galaxy S21, S21 + or Galaxy S21 Ultra perfectly configured thanks to our guide, it is time to keep taking advantage to the functions that your new device hides.

This time, we will see how to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S21. An easy-to-use function, but one that is possible get even more out thanks to different functions and settings that Samsung offers us.

Front of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Front of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Screenshots on the Galaxy S21: so you can take and edit them

At the time we already reviewed the steps to follow to take a screenshot on Android, mentioning how to take a screenshot in Samsung mobiles. If you don't remember, it's worth pointing out that Samsung uses the native Android button combination to capture, so you only need press and hold the volume down buttons and turn off / on the mobile.

In this way, we will take a screenshot. And now is when Samsung offers us a range of functions with which to get more out of this type of images. For example, we are given the possibility of crop the image before sharing or saving.

Also included is an option to tag catches. When selected, different tags based on the context of the capture that we might want to add to the archive, so that later it is easier to find them in the gallery.

6 Samsung Galaxy S21 settings you should know

Finally, the toolbar gives us the possibility to share the catch. When you touch this option, the Android "Share" menu will be displayed, giving us the option to choose one of the available ways to send the capture. This panel also includes the option to remove location data from image to prevent the people who receive it from tracking our position.

As you see, take a screenshot on the Galaxy S21 it's not too difficult. And yet, it is possible to make various adjustments that allow us to make the most of what, at first glance, is a pretty simple function. Also, remember that you can also record the screen of the Galaxy S21 thanks to the tool built into One UI.

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