How to set up secure browsing in Chrome for Android

A few years ago, the browser Chrome activated the secure browsing to protect us against phishing, a feature that has not stopped improving to also protect us against dangerous sites, downloads, extensions for its version on PC, or password security breaches.

By default, our Chrome browser should have the default standard protection of safe browsing, but we can have safe browsing disabled or activate enhanced protection as we will tell you below:

Select protection level

Is secure browsing it is configurable. The Google Chrome browser offers us three levels of protection: No protection, Standard protection, and Enhanced protection.

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To change the settings for Secure browsing we have to go to Chrome> Settings> Privacy and security> Safe browsing. There we will find the three levels of protection.

Chrome Safe Browsing

  • Without protection (not recommended): It does not protect you against dangerous downloads, extensions or websites. You will continue to be protected with the Safe Browsing feature, if available, in other Google services such as Gmail and Search.

  • Standard protection: Standard protection against downloads, extensions, and websites known to be dangerous.

  • Enhanced protection: Faster and more proactive protection against dangerous downloads, extensions and websites. It warns you about password security breaches. You need to send browsing data to Google.

Chrome Safe Browsing

To enjoy the best safe browsing we have to activate the enhanced protection, but if we do not want our data to be shared with Google we will have to use the standard protection with the option of warning of exposed passwords activated and with the option to send the disabled URLs to Google.

Google Chrome: fast and secure

Google Chrome: fast and secure

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