How to safely erase your hard drive and keep Windows 10 intact

Format a computer and reinstall Windows It is usually the first idea that crosses someone's mind when they want to sell a computer, give it away, or simply erase all the data on the hard drive to leave Windows 10 like new.

However, thanks to the fact that for some years Windows 10 itself offers a simpler and just as effective solution, it is no longer necessary to go through the entire process of Windows download, boot disk creation, disk formatting, and operating system reinstallation.

Before we have talked about how to restore Windows 10 to its original state without having to format and keep all our data, because basically with that same solution we can erase all our files from the disk, delete any personal data and settings, and leave Windows 10 as newAll quickly and easily by selecting a couple of options in the settings.

Everything you can try to repair Windows before formatting your PC

How to reset a Windows 10 PC

Reset Windows 10

  • Open the Setting Windows 10 (Windows key + I)

  • Choose Update and security.

  • Click on Recovery.

  • Choose Begin under the option "Reset this PC".

  • Click on Remove all to remove personal files, applications and settings.

Remove All Files Windows 10

Finally, you must select how you want to reinstall Windows, whether from the cloud or a local reinstallation from the same device. If you do not have Internet access or have a connection with limited data, it is best to choose the local option.

If the internet connection is not a problem for you, we recommend using cloud download, not only is it usually more effective, especially if you've been having some kind of problem with Windows 10 or Windows Update, but it will reinstall the most updated version of the system.

Choose Download

Finally, you will see a notice explaining everything the reset will do: remove all personal files and user accounts, delete all programs, remove changes to settings, download (if you used the cloud option) and reinstall Windows 10.

Reset Windows 10 Without Formatting

When you click on "Reset" Windows 10 will start the process and the computer will restart. All stored data will be lost, so make sure to back up what you don't want to lose. The process will take more or less time depending on your internet connection speed and your hardware.

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