How to remove the cookie notice in an Android browser with the Ninja Cookie extension

Do you also get tired of the constant warnings of cookies that you have to accept every time you load a website? These messages, which They are mandatory to adapt the pages to the data use regulations, are a constant annoyance that can be avoided with extensions like Ninja Cookie. And the best thing is that it can also be used on Android.

Ninja Cookie is an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari that eliminates forever the typical floating warning notices of tracking reject those cookies not essential for browsing the web. This extension is developed for computers, but it can also be used in mobile browsers. As in the case of Kiwi Browser, our recommendation.

Install Ninja Cookie in a compatible mobile browser

Ninja Cookies Android

Google Chrome for Android does not support the use of extensions, at least for now. So we must look for an alternative to use Ninja Cookie, as is the case with the Kiwi browser. This excellent Chromium-based application has great performance with loading webs, offers advanced navigation functions and also allows the installation of Google Chrome extensions. If you want to use these extensions in your Android Kiwi Browser is your app.

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To use ninja Cookie on your Android you must first install the Kiwi browser. Once it is operational on your mobile, perform the following steps:

  • Open Kiwi Browser.

  • Load this page from said browser or search for 'Ninja Cookie' in the Chrome extension store.

  • Click on 'Add to Chrome' and the extension will be installed in Wiki Browser.

Ninja Cookies Android

  • Once installed you will be able to browse the webs without the cookie notice appearing. Ninja Cookies will take care of deactivating it. Yes, only while browsing using kiwi Browser. It is best to make it the default browser.

Ninja Cookie in Kiwi Browser works just like it does in a desktop browser: eliminates cookie notices and also non-necessary tracking requests for navigation. In the event that you want to pause the extension or delete it, just go to the Kiwi menu (three points above) and go to 'Extensions'. Disable Ninja Cookies (or remove it) and voila.

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet

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