How to make screenshots and screen recording on a Samsung take up less space

We are going to show you how you can configure the quality of screen recording and screenshot taking on a Samsung with One UI 3.0. Although users usually record the screen and take screenshots without configuring anything, In these times, with high resolutions, we can be surprised with the internal storage.

Without going any further, a screen recording of a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can occupy hundreds of megabytes in just a few seconds, a problem with regard to the space of our terminal and to send the file to the contacts (if the file is very heavy the apps like WhatsApp will compress it and we will lose quality, having recorded in the highest quality for nothing). We will teach you how to configure this in a matter of seconds, since it is a simple process, although somewhat hidden.

Change the quality of recordings and screenshots in One UI

Screenshot 20210216 151911 Settings

  • Go to settings

  • Advanced functions

  • Screen capture and recording

Here we will find all the possibilities for screenshots and screen recording. When it comes to screenshots, a good idea is to hide the status bar and navigation bar, so that only the content you are watching is shared, and not the UI elements. The saving in space will be negligible, but if you don't need to mount those captures in any mockup it is a good alternative.


One UI 3, all the news that come to the Samsung Galaxy with the update to Android 11

The other option to consider is make sure you have them set to JPEGas PNG files take up more space. In the same way, we can activate the option to 'delete shared captures' so that, automatically, those screenshots that we have shared are deleted using the screenshot toolbar.

Regarding the screen recording options, video resolution will be decisive, since by default it comes in 1080p. If you don't need the highest quality, you can lower it to 720 or 480, since a 1080 screen recording takes up a lot of space.

It is also relevant to see if you have the sound active or not, since this will also add weight, especially if we have activated both the sound that the phone is playing and the sounds it captures through the microphone. Finally, we can configure the size of the selfie video for when we record the screen with our face in a frame.

Adjusting all these points we can save space every time we take a screenshot or record what we are doing. Yes we do

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