How to know which WhatsApp contacts have Telegram

If you still doubt whether or not to switch to Telegram, check which contacts they are chatting with are already there on the other platform. So you can do it.

Leaving WhatsApp to start using Telegram is a complicated decision, since the latter not as popular as the first. What does this translate to? That not all your family and friends use it as a messaging platform on their mobile phones.

However, Telegram is growing in importance and more and more users are encouraged to take the step. Channels, bots, and extensive security measures are just some of the features that play in its favor when compared to WhatsApp.

In case you are considering the change to Telegram, it will be easier to make the decision if you know which WhatsApp contacts are already there. Knowing this information is very simple, we explain how to do it.

WhatsApp contacts on Telegram

Going to Telegram will be easier if you know which WhatsApp contacts are already there.

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How to know which WhatsApp contacts have Telegram

There are many functions that Telegram has that you will not find in WhatsApp. Obviously, to switch from one service to another, these tools alone are not enough, but you need something else: the contacts. It is true that WhatsApp continues to have a wider user community than Telegram, but it is also true that it is gradually increasing their numbers.

Taking the step of switching from WhatsApp to Telegram is easier if you know there is many contacts saved on your mobile that are already waiting for you there. There is a process that allows you to know this information, that is, to discover which WhatsApp contacts are already using the other platform to communicate.

The first thing you should do is download Telegram on your phone, something you can do for free from the Google Play Store. Once this step is completed, it is time to register for the service and check with which contacts you can talk. So you can do it:

  1. Open Telegram for the first time and enter the phone number with which you are going to register.
  2. put the Verification code that Telegram has sent you by SMS to confirm that the number belongs to you.
  3. Add your name and a profile photo.
  4. Accept Telegram's terms of service.
  5. Once on the main screen of the app, slide the left side menu and click on the "Contacts" section.
  6. Telegram will ask you if you let him access your contacts so you can chat with them. Click on "Continue".
  7. Confirm again that you allow Telegram to access the contacts stored in the terminal.
  8. Done, the contacts menu will be updated with all users of your agenda who are already in Telegram.
So you can open a secret chat on Telegram

It is important that you keep in mind that the fact that one of your contacts is registered in Telegram does not mean that he uses it regularly. The app itself tells you the last connection time of those contacts that have this data enabled. If not, it will show you if they have been connected recently or for a while.

If the most important contacts of your WhatsApp are already in Telegram and you decide to continue using the latter, we recommend importing the WhatsApp chats to follow conversations on the new platform. And little else, take advantage of the best Telegram tricks to get the most out of it and chat big.

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