How to know the secret codes that your mobile supports and the number you must dial

With applications like PhoNetInfo you can see the List of all GSM codes included in any Android mobile. These hidden codes activate from diagnostic menus to advanced settings. And they allow you to know in depth how each Android works.

The mobile secret codes are numbers that are dialed in the calling application and that are used to unlock service menus, hidden settings and smartphone tests. Each brand implements its own codes even though there is a collection of them that applies to all Android, such as the code to know the IMEI (* # 06 #). With this enormous variety, it is very difficult to know which numbers affect each phone; although there is a very simple way to identify all available codes.

PhoNetInfo tells you all the secret codes of your mobile

Android Secret Codes Left, 16 codes available on the Google Pixel 4a; right, the 210 codes included in the Samsung Galaxy S21

Each manufacturer integrates system applications that are activated from the aforementioned telephone codes, a series of numbers that are combined with asterisks and hash marks. When writing the different numbers in the phone app the system runs the relevant diagnostic application; all with a huge amount of possibilities, also risks: it is not advisable to modify the parameters of the system menus since the phone may not work properly.

These codes allow you to access many hidden functions on your mobile phone

The list of GSM codes is very extensive, but not all of them work in the complete catalog of Android phones. So, instead of testing to see if the settings are displayed at the expense of dialing the phone keys, PhoNetInfo provides all the information on the secret codes that your mobile includes. It is a very complete app to dive into phone information that only requires the logical permission to access the phone (it also requires the location, but it can be denied).

Once the app is installed, just do the following to discover the list of available GSM codes:

  • Open PhoNetInfo.

  • Navigate to the top tab marked with a 'Secret codes'(secret codes).

  • You will see the entire list of available numbers and to which category the configuration corresponds. Operator options, calendar, hidden menus ...

  • You cannot dial the code from the app, so you have to carry out the manual process: memorize the code and dial the numbering on the phone app keyboard.

  • If the secret code is functional, the hidden menu will be activated as you mark the last character of the numbering.

  • Not all secret codes that appear in PhoNetInfo are functional- It is likely that you mark one and the system does not recognize it as active. There are codes that only affect certain countries, some operators, mobile versions ...

Android Secret Codes Diagnostic menus on the Google Pixel 4a

The information provided by PhoNetInfo is extremely interesting if you are intrigued to know what your mobile hides behind the GSM codes. Although yes, be very careful what you change from the diagnostic menus since you can alter the operation of the phone.

PhoNetInfo - Phone Info & Network Info

PhoNetInfo - Phone Info & Network Info

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