How to increase the sound volume of your mobile

If the volume of the sound of your mobile seems insufficient, use the methods that we explain in this guide to increase it and make it give more of itself.

One of the most annoying problems you can find on a mobile is when your sound volume is insufficient. They call you and you don't hear it, you can't enjoy the music as it should, the alarm doesn't sound loud enough ... Anyway, a bummer.

Do not despair, because this question can be solved with several methods that serve to increase the volume of the sound of your mobile. Some of them are thanks to internal tools of the device and others consist of the help of external services. Whatever, it is possible to increase the sound of the mobile and we are going to show it to you.

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All the ways to increase the maximum volume of your mobile

Increase mobile sound volume

These methods will help you increase the volume of the sound of your mobile.

As we say, using a mobile in which the sound volume is low can become really annoying. Therefore, we give you several options to try to increase the volume of your Android mobile and that it is finally the one you deserve.

Forget about headphones, because you will no longer need them to clearly hear a video. Forget about having to use another alarm clock, because you can trust your mobile alarm. If you want you can even disable the vibration in calls, because increasing the volume you will listen to them without problems.

Next, we explain one by one the methods you can use to increase the maximum volume of your mobile.

Use the equalizer of your mobile

Most users tend to use the most basic functions of the phone without going any further, without knowing those more advanced tools with which we can get the most out of the terminal. This is how your own mobile can give you the solution to the problem of low sound volume if you use a more advanced function, the equalizer.

Some Android models, such as those made by Samsung, include an equalizer that allows you to modify extensive parameters related to sound. It all consists of enter the "Sound" section of the settings of your mobile and go to the advanced settings to be able to set this equalizer -if it is available-.

Specifically, these are the steps you must follow to use the equalizer of your Samsung mobile to increase the sound volume.

  1. Enter the phone settings.
  2. Tap on the section "Sounds and vibration".
  3. Scroll down the menu and enter "Advanced sound settings".
  4. Follow the process by clicking on "Effects and sound quality".
  5. There you can see the equalizer, which can be basic or advanced. Access advanced mode and configure it manually shifting the four frequencies to the left up to increase the volume of the mobile sound.

If your mobile does not have an internal equalizer, you can also rely on the help of external equalizers for Android that you can download for free from the Google Play Store.

The best free equalizers for Android

Increase the volume of calls, notifications and alarms to the maximum

It may seem silly, but perhaps the volume of calls, notifications or alarms is not at the maximum possible. Sometimes when you turn up the volume on the phone using the buttons on the side, what you really do is increase the volume only in the multimedia section.

Therefore, it is best that before using external resources you confirm that the volume of calls, notifications and alarms is the highest possible. To do this, enter Settings> Sound and vibration and move the controllers to the maximum to ensure that the sound of the phone is correct.

Sound and vibration on Android

Manually increase the sound of calls, notifications and alarms on your Android.

Install external sound amplifiers

If the previous two methods have not been helpful to increase the volume of the sound of your Android mobile, it is time to resort to the help of external applications. In the Google Play Store you can find several applications that fulfill the function of sound amplifiers.

Some of them are Volume Booster, Volume Booster and Google's Sound Booster, although we will do the following tutorial taking as reference the GOODEV volume booster app.

The operation of this application could not be easier. Simply download it, install it, open it and accept the warning that indicates the risk of using the amplifier, as it could damage your hearing if you do, the headphones and / or the speaker Of the device.

After agreeing to use this tool at your own risk, the amplifier will appear at the bottom of the screen. To increase the volume of the mobile sound, you just have to move the bar handle to the right, so you will see how the percentage of amplification increases.

As the application itself indicates in the text, you must be particularly careful when you increase the volume above 40%, especially when you do it when playing music.

Taking these indications into account, you can use the GOODEV sound amplifier to increase the volume of your mobile and finally listen to the sound with the corresponding power.

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