How to hide your Facebook Stories from specific people

If you want some of your Facebook friends not to see your Stories, you just have to hide it from them. Doing it is very simple, we explain how.

Stories came to Facebook in 2017 to allow its users to share moments of their daily life with their friends for 24 hours. The reality is that this section has not had the same success as Instagram Stories, but it has achieved the sufficient interest from users like to stay present in the social network.

As we say, it serves to temporarily share images with your contacts. However, it is possible that not all your Facebook friends are so close to you and you prefer that some do not see this temporary content. Do not worry, because for that there is the option of hide your Facebook Stories from specific users.

Next, we explain how you can limit gossip on Facebook hiding your Stories from specific people.

Hide Facebook Stories from specific people

Limit gossip by hiding your Facebook Stories from specific people.

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How to hide your Facebook Stories from specific people

You may have a lot of friends added to your Facebook account, but not many real friends. Sometimes you want to upload some privacy to your Stories and give it up so that those users you don't have as much trust with don't see it.

From now on you shouldn't limit yourself any more when it comes to sharing content, you just have to hide it from those people you don't want to have access to. Facebook has a feature that allows you to select which users can't see your Stories.

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Before teaching you to use this tool, we must mention that the users you have blocked on Facebook they won't be able to see your Stories either. With that said, this is the procedure you must follow To hide your Facebook Stories from specific people through the Android app:

  1. Open the Facebook app and click on it three horizontal lines button in the upper right corner.
  2. Swipe down and click on the section "Settings and privacy".
  3. Click on "Setting".
  4. Swipe down and click "History settings".
  5. From the menu to configure Stories, select "Privacy of the story".
  6. Click on "Hide story to".
  7. Select which user will not be able to view your Stories by clicking on the box that appears to the right of their name.

Another option to limit who sees your Stories or not is to go back to the "Story privacy" section and access the "Custom" section. In this case, you must select your Facebook friends who they will be able to access these publications temporary in your profile.

These are the two functions that you can use to configure the privacy of your Facebook Stories. In this way, only those you decide will be able to see this content, and you will not have to worry when uploading images to the social platform.

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