how to follow the seat count and results on the internet

When only three years and two months have passed after being called to the polls to elect a government, Today, February 14, the Catalans vote again for the third time in five years.

On this occasion the electorate is somewhat larger than in previous regional elections, as they are 5,623,962 people in total who will be able to insert their ballot in a ballot box in today's elections, 66,061 more than in the last elections of 2017.

But, how to follow the results obtained at the national and local level in the general elections? We recommend, as always, that the main web communication media will offer a wide coverage of the results by the different constituencies. Some examples of them are El País, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, ABC,, El Español or El Confidencial. To follow the information in Catalan, one of the large regional media is Ara, although it also has a Spanish version.

In TV, All the main generalist channels will carry out a wide coverage of the polling stations, the headquarters of the parties and the rigorous direct scrutiny. If you want to follow the results of the regional elections of 14F autonomously, we leave you other alternative ways (and even more direct because they come from official sources).

Through the official website of the Generalitat de Catalunya


For see in detail the provisional results and for each constituencyThe most complete is always the dedicated website of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


Right now, it offers participation previews until 6:00 p.m., showing a participation that falls 22.54 points compared to participation at that time in 2017. For those who have not yet voted, it allows you to consult the schools by constituency.

Technophiles against electronic voting: when paper beats technology by a landslide

Through the official application of the Generalitat of Catalonia

Catalan Elections

The Generalitat of Catalonia, also on the web, also offers a mobile app, Eleccions 14F, from which a complete monitoring can be carried out through smartphones that have the most popular operating systems, iOS and Android.

Catalan Elections

You can download the app for iOS for free in the App Store and for Android in the Play Store.

Via twitter

Twitter it is usually the best social network to follow any event in real time, but if this is political, the power of the social network is even greater, because although it has far fewer active users than Facebook, it is home to almost all journalists and political scientists who offer information as or more valuable than what can be read in the media.

As well it is true that the noise will be very large, and that the general opinion may offer biases, but the moment that Twitter has enabled promises to offer a broad vision of everything that is happening with respect to parties, candidates, reactions, etc. In the hashtags #EleccionsCatalanes Y Elections14F This is where you can find most of the official announcements and tweets from Election Day.

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