How to Download Windows 10 ISO on ARM for Free

If you want download Windows 10 free There are multiple ways to do it, whether you want to update a computer directly, or download an ISO image file to install on any PC.

At least that is the case with the x86 and x64 versions, that is, the versions for computers with Intel or AMD processors. Now in the case of Windows 10 for ARM you have to download the UUP (Unified Update Platform) files and convert them to ISO.

UUP dump

Choose Architecture

The simplest way to do this is probably by taking advantage of the UUP dump web that allows you to easily download UUP files directly from Windows Update servers, and which also offers us the option of converting them to ISO.

You just have to choose your version from the list with arm64 architecture. Then you must select the latest compilation available, the language, the edition (or editions) of Windows 10, and finally check the box "Download and convert to ISO"between the download options.

Download And Convert To Iso

Four Ways to Download a Windows 10 ISO for Free

This process will leave you with a .ZIP file. That compressed file must be extracted into a folder of your choice and then you must execute the file uup_download_windows.cmd as Administrator to download your files and create your ISO:

Run Cmd As Administrator

Then you just have to wait for the process to finish until all the operations have been completed in the terminal, you will know that it has finished because you will see a message on the console that says to press "0" to close the window.


When this happens you will see several new files in the folder, including a new .ISO file with your version of Windows 10 on ARM ready to be installed.

Windows 10 on ARM for virtual machines

Another option to download Windows 10 ARM is to opt for the preliminary versions offered by Microsoft itself. From this link you can download the latest Insider builds of the system in VHDX format for use creating a virtual machine inside Hyper-V.

Please note that ARM64 virtualization is only supported by computers with ARM processors, that is, you cannot create Windows 10 virtual machines in ARM on your computer with an Intel or AMD processor.

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