How to disable tab grouping in Google Chrome for Android

Since last week the browser Google Chrome It allows us to group the tabs in order to have more orderly the web pages that we have open, but this feature is not convincing everyone.

Now Chrome always opens the links in a group and shows a new bottom bar with open tabs that does not disappear on pages without scrolling. If you don't like this news either, then I'll tell you how to turn off Chrome tab grouping.

Disabling tab grouping

Chrome Group Tabs

For go back to the previous tab system we have to go to its hidden functions and deactivate the grouping of tabs by following the following steps:

  1. In the address bar write Chrome: // flags and press enter.

  2. Find the experimental function Tab Groups (# enable-tab-groups) and disable it (Disabled).

  3. Restart the browser by tapping on Relaunch for the changes to be saved.

  4. If after the restart it has not disappeared, close Chrome and reopen the browser.

How to set up secure browsing in Chrome for Android

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How to set up secure browsing in Chrome for Android

When deactivating Tab Groups We will see that the view of the open tabs is once again the view of stacked cards. If you want to return to the new grid view you have to activate in Chrome: // flags the function Tab Grid Layout and select the option Enabled New Tab Variation, which is new design for open tabs. Once the option is selected, click on Relaunch to restart the browser.

Chrome Group Eyelashes

So you will have the new interface of Chrome for Android but without the grouping of tabs. If you want to recover the tabs in a group, you will have to set the two previous options to Default and restart.

Google Chrome: fast and secure

Google Chrome: fast and secure

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