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How to disable suggestions for pasting from the clipboard

Over time, Gboard has become Android's unofficial clipboard manager since it introduced the feature last year. In addition to remembering the last things you copied to the clipboard, shows you as a suggestion the elements you just copied. Unless you deactivate it.

If you want to keep the clipboard functionality in Gboard, but for some reason you prefer that it does not suggest the latest texts or images that you have copied To quickly paste from the suggestion bar, the latest beta of Gboard already allows you to disable it.

Clipboard yes, suggestions no

Gboard 10.3 incorporates a new section in its options: the clipboard settings. At the moment, this section is released with a single setting available: show -or not- suggestions for recently copied images and texts.

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This setting works independently of Gboard's clipboard access, so you can still use the keyboard to easily paste text and image snippets into supported applications. The difference is that, instead of pasting from the suggestion bar, you should go to the Clipboard section.


By default, if you have the clipboard activated in Gboard, the function to show suggestions in the top bar is also activated. Disabling these suggestions may be helpful if it distracts you, it confuses, or if you prefer to go manually to the clipboard section. The truth is that the way these suggestions appear is not entirely consistent, and sometimes when you want them to appear, they do not appear, and vice versa.

It is a small novelty available in Gboard 10.3 beta, available in the Google Play beta program, as well as APKMirror. However, it shouldn't take long to get to the stable version as well.

Gboard: the Google keyboard

Gboard: the Google keyboard

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