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How to crop or rotate a video in Windows 10 without having to install anything

Just as we sometimes need to crop or rotate a photo, a couple of the simplest possible operations that hardly require a specialized and powerful tool, sometimes we also need crop or rotate a simple video.

But although in Windows 10 doing this with an image is possible with the same photo viewer, most people perhaps believe that in the case of video it will be necessary to download an additional program, and they would be wrong. Windows 10 has its own video editor called ... Video editor.

Windows 10's "secret" video editor is for the basics and a bit more

If all you want is to trim a video so that it starts or ends at a different point, you can even do it with the Windows 10 video player: Movies and TV. All you have to do is open the video and next to the playback buttons you will see one that is used to edit:

Crop Video With Photos

Crop video from Windows 10 player

This button will offer you a menu with several options, among which is "Trim"And for this you will use Photos, the image viewer and editor that Windows 10 includes. Once selected, a new window will open with the" editor ":

Trim Video Windows 10

Crop a video in Windows 10 with the Photos app

Here you will see that you only have one option: move the white circles to determine the start and end of the video and trim its duration. Once you choose the position of each one you just have to click above on "Save a copy"and Windows will save the trimmed video in the same folder as the original with the suffix" trim "in the file name.

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Now, if you want something a little more advanced, or suppose you want to rotate a video that you recorded vertically or horizontally or vice versa, you can do it with the generic name video editor that Windows 10 has.

The Windows 10 Video Editor is not exactly "at hand", you cannot even choose it as an option in "Open with ..." if you click on a video file. But it is there and it serves many things.

Video editor

Click on the start menu and type "Video Editor". Select the brand new first result and click on the application. This will open the more specialized editor that includes Windows 10 itself and with which you can rotate your video, and do various other things if you are interested.

To edit your video you must click on New video project. Then in the Project Library box you must click on Add (from your PC or from the web) and select the video you want to edit:

Video Editor Windows 10

To be able to edit your video you must drag it from the box on the left to the bottom bar with the Storyboard story. Once you've added your video, a series of options will appear at the top: Crop, Part time, Text, Movement, 3D Effects, Filters, and three other icons.

The icon in the form of an arrow that rotates to the left it is used to just rotate the video in that direction, you can press it as many times as you want to rotate the video to the desired position.

In order to apply the effect you must have checked the box next to the video at the bottom and you can see the preview by clicking on the play button in the player at the top right. Once you finish you just have to click on it and then on End video to be able to save your project.