How to Convert Songs to MP3 on Windows 10

Most users perceive (we perceive) CDs as an obsolete storage medium. But, as far as our music collections, many still save (save) much of it in this format.

So how do you digitize it to MP3 format quickly and easily, using only pre-installed tools in Windows 10, in order to finish retiring our compact discs?

Well, using Windows Media Player (or Windows Media Player), the default audio and video player (and organizer) in Windows, which offers little-used but quite powerful multimedia conversion options.

Steps to follow

We insert the audio CD into the CD / DVD reader of our equipment and proceed to run the player. In the left sidebar In the window that opens, click on the icon corresponding to the CD / DVD drive.

If we are facing a normal audio CD, when we open it from Windows Explorer we will see that each audio track corresponds to a * .cda file.

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But, Even though they look like ordinary files, you cannot copy and paste a .cda to our hard drive: it must first be digitized to another format, such as WAV, WMA, FLAC or MP3. We will choose to work with the latter.

So, going back to Windows Media Player, we will click on "Copy settings from CD", in the toolbar located above the playlist, and we will access the submenu "Format", choosing there the option" MP3 ".

Screenshot 5

Next, we will click on "Copy settings from CD" again, this time to access the following submenu, "Audio quality". In most cases, the best option will be to select the maximum quality: 320 Kbps.

Screenshot 6

A last access to "CD copy settings" will allow us to specify, from "More options", where we want the scans made from Windows Media Player to be copied. There we can also alter the previous parameters, if we wish.

Screenshot 11

Once the desired options have been selected, and making sure that all the tracks (or, at least, those that interest us) are selected, we will click on the icon on the left in that same bar: "Copy from CD".

Screenshot 7

Normally, the Player will connect to online databases to detect the author, album and title of the songs, but, if this is not possible for some reason, we will see a message appear like the following at the end of the CD digitization.

Screenshot 9

If we wanted to enter the data by hand, we would only have to click with the right button on the global data of the album, as well as on each track, select "Edit" and put the correct information, if you know it. This will be saved as metadata in MP3 files.

Screenshot 10

Finally, we will only have to move to the destination location that we saw in "More Options" to be able to access the folder with the MP3 files, and copy or upload them to where we consider appropriate.

Screenshot 12

The generated MP3s, accessible from Windows Explorer.

Image | Based on previous work by Ronnyz

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