How to configure Telegram so that your messages are automatically deleted

Telegram has just released version 7.5.0 and among its novelties have arrived unlimited groups of members, widgets and messages that self-destruct in all chats. The latter is not exactly the same as what happened with encrypted secret chats, but now they apply to all messages.

The new self-deletion of messages on Telegram serves to set a 24 hour or 7 day timer for messages to be permanently deleted. Unlike secret chats, the countdown begins when messages are sent, not when they are read.

It is important that you know that the new self-elimination only applies to messages sent after the timer has been set, the previous messages will remain in the chat history.

How to activate the self-deletion of messages in Telegram

You can set automatic removal from both iOS and Android, as well as from desktop applications for Windows, Linux, macOS, and the web. You have to do it individually for each chat.

First open the conversation whose messages you want to be automatically deleted from now on, click on the menu button (three vertical dots) and select "Empty chat":

Empty Chat Telegram

This option serves both to delete all the messages that are already in that chat, and to activate the self-deletion, they are two different options. The first deletes what is already written, the second deletes what is sent from now on.

Enable Self-removal

Click on "Enable self-kill"and immediately you will see a slider to choose the amount of time Telegram will wait to delete your messages in the future. This can only be set to 24 hours or 7 days.

Auto Delete Messages

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Finally, you will know that a chat has auto-deletion active because you will see a new icon in the shape of a flame right next to the text box, that flame will show a Countdown with the time it takes for messages to be deleted.


In addition to this when you activate the auto-deletion of messages in a conversation, a notification will be sent to the chat. You can disable self-removal at any time simply by clicking on the flame and selecting "No" in the slider instead of seven days or 24 hours.

To activate self-deletion in Android You just have to touch the same button with three vertical dots, select "Empty chat" and choose the duration. In iOS, you have to press and hold on a message, touch "Select" and then "Empty chat" (in the upper left corner) to Activate self-deletion.

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