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How to clean your mobile of pre-installed applications easily thanks to ADB AppControl

ADB AppControl is a software for Windows that makes it very easy to remove any application from the phone, even those that come pre-installed and that the user cannot delete. Not only that: allows you to clean the 'boatware' in a few clicks, you can install APK files and much more.

Android mobiles usually come with a large number of pre-installed applications, many of which are not needed and which, however, cannot be uninstalled. Not even deactivated, phone owners often have to live with unwanted and resource-consuming software. Using ADB and commands, most apps can be removed; a process that the Windows ADB AppControl software greatly facilitates.

Delete apps, install APKs, clean bloatware in bulk ...

Delete Android System Apps

The software in question, developed by Cyber.Cat, facilitates the task of performing different actions using the ADB commands since the software offers a very friendly graphical user interface. With it you can see the list of applications installed on the phone; with the option to manually manage each one or act on a group en bloc.

ADB AppControl is downloaded from the project website, it is free software (collaborating with the developer, extra functions are unlocked), It is only available for Windows and works on computers that already have ADB operating. Therefore, apart from downloading ADB AppControl, you must first install ADB. Without this previous step it will not work.

How to connect an Android mobile to the computer with ADB

Once you have installed ADB AppControl, and ADB works correctly on your PC, follow the following steps to eliminate the applications that you do not want on your Android mobile:

  • You must activate USB debugging on your mobile. If you do not have the developer options active, go to the mobile settings, go to 'About phone' and press ten times on the build number. Go to the development options and enable USB debugging.

  • Open ADB AppControl on your computer, click on the upper language icon to change to Spanish and connect the mobile with the USB cable.

  • Accept the permission for USB debugging that will pop up on your Android screen.

  • Accept the installation of ACBridge on the phone (if you didn't already have it installed). This will make it easier for you to identify the installed applications.

  • In ADB AppControl the entire list of applications should appear (click on the top update icon if they do not appear): you can select all of them, the ones you installed as a user and only the system ones. Depending on what you want to delete, choose one or the other list.

Delete Android System Apps

  • Locate the apps you don't want and right-click on each one. Then delete them. You can also mark several and delete them en bloc from the side selector marked with a 'Select'.

  • You must be very careful removing system applications: Although they do not really disappear from the phone (only their installation), deleting them may cause the mobile to stop working properly. Delete those apps that are safe to delete.

Delete Android System Apps

  • If you want to remove the 'bloatware' en bloat from your mobile go to the section 'Check and delete'of ADB AppControl, on the right hand side. Mark the level of cleaning (for superiors you have to pay), choose 'Apply', specify 'Uninstall' from the drop-down and click on 'Apply'. The software will remove all bloatware, in bulk.

Removing system apps is a dangerous process that can mess up your phone. If you delete an essential app, the mobile will stop working

It is dangerous to delete system applications because the mobile could stop working if the deleted resource is vital to the system. Make sure before you delete anything, especially when using bulk bloatware wipe.