How to backup your Gmail emails

We explain how to easily back up all your Gmail emails, because you never know if you will need them in the future.

Gmail is an email platform where you can share important information. As in other services such as WhatsApp, if you lose access to your account you also lose all that personal content so valuable.

To avoid this risky situation, it is best to make a backup with all Gmail messages. First of all, this copy is saved on your computer, although you can later upload it to your favorite cloud storage platform to keep it even more secure.

Back up your Gmail emails It is very simple, we explain how to do it in a few simple steps.

Backup Gmail

Save all your Gmail emails in a backup copy.

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How to backup your Gmail emails

A backup is a file in which all data is saved of a service to be able to restore them when necessary. Just as you can make a backup copy of the content of Google Photos or YouTube, you can also do it with all the emails you have in your Gmail account.

This is thanks to the Google Takeout tool, which allows you to download all the data from the platforms that make up the Google ecosystem. When backing up Gmail, you can choose whether to send you a link to download it on your computer or if you add it directly to Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box.

If these are not the storage platforms that you usually use, it is best to download the copy on your PC and later upload it manually to your service storage.

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Before we go into the phased explanation of creating a backup of Gmail emails, we need to clarify a couple of things. First, if the stored data occupies more than the size selected by you the copy will be divided into multiple files. Also, those files that exceed 2 GB will be compressed in ZIP64 format, possibly incompatible with older operating systems.

On the other hand, you can also configure that this security backup is carried out every 2 months for 1 year automatically. Taking these factors into account, we will see how you can make a backup of your Gmail emails:

  1. Go into your google account.
  2. In the options menu on the left side, click on "Data and personalization".
  3. Scroll down until you find the section “Download, delete or create a plan for the data”. Inside this, click on "Download your data".
  4. This will access Google Takeout, Google's data download tool. First you must select the box "Unmark all", top right of the list of services.
  5. Following, check the box "Mail" and slide down to click on "Next step".
  6. Choose the delivery method, frequency, and type and size of the file to download. When you finish the configuration, click on "Create export".

Once the export creation has started, you will have to wait hours or even days -depends on the content of your Gmail account- to access the backup. You do not have to be aware of progress, well Google will send you an email when the procedure is finished.

In case you have chosen the download method via link, you will receive in your email address the link to access the Gmail backup. If you have decided to add it directly to one of the available storage services, you will find it there.

That is how easy and fast it is to make a backup copy of your Gmail emails to restore them if your account suffers any problem or to use them in other email services other than Google.

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