How to backup all Google Keep notes

Google Keep is one of the best note-taking apps we have for Android, although not the only one. If you want to switch to another app, it is a good idea before doing a backup of all your notes.

Google Keep allows you to share a specific note with any application that supports text, although if you want to copy all the notes, it is more practical to use Google Takeout. We tell you step by step how to download all your notes from Google Keep.

Download all your notes from Keep

Google Keep has the option to share with other applications in each note, but if you have dozens of notes, saving them one by one is not very practical. Instead, you can use Google Takeout, the system to download your data from all Google services.

For me, the best application to take notes is: the opinion of the editors of Xataka

At Google Takeout you can request a backup copy of any product, including Google Keep. To do this, you need to open the Google Takeout website and press Uncheck allIf all you want is the notes and not everything. Then check the box next to Keep.


If you click on the button Various formats Below Google Keep, you will see information on in what format the data will be exported. Notes are saved each in an HTML file, photos and voice memos are included, as well as a JSON file with all the metadata for each note.

Scroll to the bottom of the window on the Google Takeout website and press Next step. You will then be shown additional options such as export frequency or format, although the default options are recommended. Press Create export for Google to start working on it.


Unlike other more complex backups like Google Photos, exporting all your Keep notes shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. To know if it is ready, refresh the web until the button of Download.

The backup copy of Google Keep notes materializes in a ZIP file with a bunch of files inside. Each note is in HTML and JSON file And, in addition, the photos and audio notes that you have embedded are included.


While the JSON file contains the note with all its metadata in a format more suitable for importing into other applications, the HTML file for each note is easy to use. check in any browser.


In the preview, you can see the note, its boxes, included photos and the date it was created. Unfortunately, there is no index, so you will have to open them one by one or see the name of the file, which keeps the name of the note in those that have a title.

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