How to activate comments on a Telegram channel

That is how easy you can enable comments on the publications of your Telegram channel.

With the passing of time the way of communicating it has been constantly growing. So much so that, up to now, there are several specialized applications in communication. Some of them are focused on social media and others in instant messaging like the popular one: Telegram.

This famous messaging network has been cataloged as the preferred app of millions of people, since it is very safe and has a variety of functions that have made it a perfect alternative to others such as WhatsApp.

How to activate comments on a Telegram channel

How to activate comments on a Telegram channel

In addition, you can create your own group where is possible host more than 200,000 thousand users, save files in your own personal cloud, and you will have the possibility to create and configure your channel regardless of the theme. And not only that, but now you can activate comments on a Telegram channel in an easy and fast way.

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How do comments work on Telegram channels?

How comments work on Telegram-1 channels

This is what your subscribers can do on Telegram once you activate the comments on the channel

Previously, in Telegram channels only the channel administrator or administrators could post and even comment. However, Telegram since its version 7.1 allows that as administrator can you activate comments on your posts so that users are participants.

Note: Before activating the comments on a Telegram channel, it is important that you have previously created a group on the platform, whether public or private.

In this way, any user who has joined the channel can give their opinion on a topic and follow the conversation thread of other colleagues, only then can you have a more direct contact with followers of the Chanel.

Steps to activate comments on your channel

To activate this function on a broadcast channel Telegram You need to be the administrator or have been granted certain privileges, otherwise you will not be able to do so. These are the steps to follow:

  • Start the telegram app, either on your mobile device or computer.
  • Click on the channel where you want to enable comments.
  • Locate in the upper right part the three vertical points and click on the menu.
  • This will display a series of options, search "Manage channel" and click on it.
Steps to activate comments on your channel

Enter your Telegram channel and click on "Manage channel"

  • Then, in the section on "Conversation" you will find the configuration "Add group".
  • At the moment of clicking "Add group" it will show the groups you have created. Now click on the desired group.
2-Steps to activate comments on your channel

Add the group you want to link to your Telegram channel

  • It will immediately display a message commenting if you want to turn the channel into a talkgroup. To continue click on "LINK GROUP" and later "Keep".
save changes for users to interact in comments

Save the changes so that your users can start interacting

  • Clever. Now users who are joined to the channel can share their ideas.
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Important fact: When configuring the channel, subscribers will see the option at the bottom of the chat "Argue". By clicking on the word they will be automatically redirected to the linked group.

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