How Elon Musk inadvertently destroyed the reputation of an innocent app

It has happened: Elon Musk affirms on Twitter that he will connect to Clubhouse, thousands of users search the social network on Android (which is not there) and find an innocent app, now destroyed based on negative evaluations.

It seems that Club House is in fashion, and this new 'audio only' social network that is also exclusive for iOS, for now, is being used by famous and celebrities like an Elon Musk who has accidentally killed an innocent app on Google Play.

The case is so curious that the 9to5Google colleagues could not avoid reviewing it, and that is Elon Musk's tweet informing that he would connect to Clubhouse a couple of nights ago he unleashed the madness in the networks, with thousands of users rushing to download the app that, unfortunately, is for now exclusive to iOS.

What is Clubhouse the exclusive audio-only social network

Clubhouse, the exclusive audio-only social network that Elon Musk was referring to.

And what happened on Android, you may be wondering ... Well, what had to happen happened in the ocean of applications that is today Google Play, with all the crowd of users searching the store for 'Clubhouse' and finding an innocent app with the same name (or a similar name), which had nothing to do with the social network created in 2020 by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth.

Realizing that it was not actually Clubhouse, the social audio network, the majority left negative evaluations in the Google Play application with scores of 1 out of 5, destroying its reputation to the point that its creators decided to remove it from the Google app store temporarily.

What is Clubhouse, the exclusive audio-only social network

How a tweet by Elon Musk has thrown the reputation of an Android app, to the point that its creators temporarily removed it from Google Play to avoid more negative evaluations.

Clubhouse, the app available on Android, was actually a project management tool

Not that the Clubhouse app that users found on Google Play was a fake opportunist, and this app has been in the Android store since June 2019 as a project management and administration tool with over 100,000 pre-downloads and a reputation built on hard work, a development that dates back to 2016, and has now collapsed.

It is also not something new for Clubhouse Software, Inc., which already since December they have been dealing with ratings of 1 point out of 5 by users who come to them confused, to whom they invite you to visit the funny page that explains which Clubhouse each one is.

Google Play a Clubhouse ratings

The Clubhouse ratings in the Google Play Store, with the affected app as the protagonist.

In any case, as it is no longer an isolated event but from a barrage of negative scores as a result of Elon Musk's message and the subsequent maelstrom, Clubhouse Software CEO and founder Kurt Schrader confirmed on Twitter that had to withdraw the application momentarily from Google Play Store "Because everyone was signing up and getting mad at them for not being a voice chat app".

The same tweet confirmed that he would only retire during the same night, and that in the morning Clubhouse, the productivity app, would be available again as usual.

In any case, since his return Clubhouse has a Google Play rating of 2.9 at the moment, which consists of the normal evaluations of the users accompanied by a huge number of reviews with 1 star that are disappearing little by little as the mess clears up.

In fact, in the last hours too many users have downloaded the app to vote it with 5 stars doing what is literally called a "Extinguish fire with fire", thus offsetting the average rating.

Meanwhile, from Google they work for remove reviews that do not reflect the functionality or quality of the apps in Play Store, and on the other hand, Clubhouse the social network confirms that "They are now starting to work on their app for Android, which will arrive soon".

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