Honor is ambitious and has a new target in her sights: Huawei!

Honor is ambitious and we like that, it will be certified by Google Play and is already preparing its first Honor V40, with which it will try to outperform before anyone else ... Huawei itself!

We already talked about it a few weeks ago, following the trail of a statement by Zhao Ming himself, former head honcho within Huawei and now President of the Shenzhen company as an independent manufacturer, in which they were very ambitious considering selling up to 100 million units mobile phones in 2021 that will serve as a springboard.

They were not bluffing, it seems, because the following news reported a close agreement with Google to get their certification and to use Play Services again, talking shortly after his first smartphone, the Honor V40 that would already be cooking for its international landing In the next weeks.

The next Honor smartphones will have Google services

Yes, the next Honor smartphones will have Google services.

And now, according to sources reported by GizmoChina, it is confirmed that the new Honor has put Huawei in the spotlight as its first goal to overcome, since its old parent is still vetoed and it continues with problems for access to technology in the United States and the provision of components for its smartphones, falling for the first time in 6 years of the 'top' world of manufacturers.

Honor will officially debut its independence from Huawei with the V40: what we know about it

Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor also confirms: their goal is to surpass Huawei in its first year!

As stated by Honor, they are excited about the international launch of their promising Honor V40, especially for the recovery of Google Play Services with which they can offer the European market what its users are looking for, this being one of the key global markets for the new Honor.

Not only this Honor V40, which in the end is the last product developed under the Huawei umbrella, should encourage us the recovery of Honor, which you will need to design your own products and convince now with a good after-sales and support program for your new customers in all markets.

Zhao Ming says that in any case they are prepared for the challenge, that already know the demands of this voracious industry and that are no longer subject to rules and restrictions characteristic of belonging to a giant like Huawei, so they cannot do anything else but consider compete directly with Apple and Huawei both inside and outside of China.

Honor 10 Lite logo

We will have to see what Honor prepares for us this year, but if they say they want to compete with Apple and Huawei it will surely be a good thing.

Things are promising, because Honor already knows the industry and has regained not only its freedom, but also access to the best components and Google Play certification… It will be time to give them confidence and wait for their new products!

The truth is that the latest leaks from Shenzhen they speak to us of up to three flagship phones in this 2021, starting with the Honor V40 but with much more to tell us, including a new Honor Magic that will seek to be differential high-end.

The CEO of Honor hopes to outperform its old parent, Huawei, although for this also they will have to cook a quality mid-range that concentrates most of the sales, and that could nurture the catalog of successors for the Honor 10X Lite, Honor 9A and Honor Play 4.

There is talk in addition to launching new Android tablets, something curious in a market that does not finish starting and where only Samsung survives based on performance and focus business, and of an expansion into new markets that is now being planned already in the resolution phase of the many challenges that arise.

Mr. Zhao also confirmed that strengthen their research and development departments this year, and that with access to the most powerful chipsets and Google services be able to offer products that users will be excited about.

Many words, yes, but we will have to trust and check later if Honor complies and encourages us this 2021 ... Do not you think? They have potential and experience, too!

Honor confirms that, unlike Huawei, its next devices will include Google services
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