Hayu, a reality streaming platform where you can watch 'Las Kardashian' and more, arrives in Spain

No matter how saturated the video streaming market is, there are always surprises. A few days ago it was the arrival of Documentary +, a new free platform for documentaries, and today it is the landing of Hayu in Spain, a service of streaming on demand from NBCUniversal International network focusing on reality TV.

According to the company itself announces, in Hayu, which was born in 2016 and launched in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, more than 8,000 episodes of reality shows like 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' ('The Kardashian') and 'The Real Housewives' ('Rich Women'), 'Below Deck' ('Under Deck') and 'Million Dollar Listing' ('I am selling you your mansion').

4.99 euros per month and free trial period of one week

Hayu Kardashians

Hayu arrives in Spain for 4.99 euros per month, as well as other countries and Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. For those users who want to try the service for free, the company gives the option to do it for a week.

As for the platforms on which its content can be enjoyed, the company talks about it being available in February iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV and web apps. The absence of Chromecast, webOS and Samsung TVs with Tizen is striking, which for example will receive the application in France.

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In addition to the aforementioned content, those responsible claim that there will be subgenres such as "home and design, dating, cooking, crime and fashion." Regarding the launch of new episodes, they indicate that "subscribers will not have to worry about spoilers, since the vast majority of American reality shows are available in hayu the same day they are issued in the United States".

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