gReader is updated again on Google Play

Of all the news readers that live in the Google Play Store, gReader was one of the best known, at least until it disappeared from the store in 2018. After years without updating, the app revives to offer the same feed reader service. Now with subscription for the Pro service.

The death of Google Reader left us who read the news through that feed service, both from the computer and on the mobile phone. Different applications aspired to pick up the baton left by the Google app, such as gReader. It offered a Clean reading experience with a Material Design-based interface, a success that we ended up regretting once gReader disappeared from Google Play. Now it has returned, although with some inconvenience.

Excellent newsreader, now with Pro subscription


gReader has started February 2021 updating thoroughly after almost four years of not receiving new versions. Specifically, gReader went from version 4.3.3 of 2017 to version 5.01 of 2021; being at the time of writing this article in version 5.03.

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The appearance of the reader has not changed substantially as it maintains the same simplicity in design; with an interface that points to facilitate the reading and organization of the different news sources (at the cost of being slightly out of date). gReader can work in four different ways: as a reader associated with the Feedly account, with The Old Reader account, as an Inoreader and also as a reader of the feeds stored locally. This last function allows gReader to organize the RSS added manually.

Automatic synchronization of feeds, reading adapted to the phone screen, organization of the different RSS, option to customize the appearance of the reader, automatic download of articles for offline reading, text translation, reading aloud using speech synthesis ... gReader is still one of the best feed readers that can be installed on Android.


With the return, the application is reactivated, although at a price: the feeds increase the ads in their free version. Additionally, gReader now includes an in-app purchase for the Pro version; with the disadvantage that there is no one-time purchase: Now you can only remove the advertising, receiving in return the extended functions, with a subscription. 1.19 euros per month and 7.49 euros per year. Of course, it is not essential to take advantage of gReader.

gReader | Feedly | News | RSS

gReader | Feedly | News | RSS

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