Almost 10 years after its launch, about 200,000 people still use a Xiaomi Mi 2

Google works on a solution

The voice command 'Ok Google', it's been broken for months for many WearOS users. In our case, we have been able to check the error on various devices, such as the OPPO Watch or the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS. Although we have the Google Assistant active, does not recognize voice command, so we cannot control it this way.

As we read in XDA Developers, it is an error recognized by Google, reported in the Google Issue Tracker and with a solution in place. It is not known exactly when the error occurred and how it arose, but as they have recognized in statements to The Verge, they are "aware of the problems that some users have been encountering."

If voice commands aren't working for you in WearOS, you're not alone

Ok google

In our recent reviews we found that 'Ok Google' did not work on WearOS devices. If we look at the Google Issue Tracker we see messages from months ago in, 2020, stating that command detection does not work.

OPPO, TicWatch, Suunto, Fossil and Motorola have models affected by this WearOS bug

Comments are counted by dozens, indicating that in models like the TicWatch Pro 3, Fossil Gen 5, Suunto 7, Fossil Sport 4, Moto 360 third generation and more watches, the detection of the 'Ok Google' does not work. There have been reports on Reddit for seven months indicating the problem and, although the cause of the problem is not known, it is estimated that it may be caused by a major WearOS update.

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Google has recognized the problem and will work on a solution to it, although there is no date set for the update. As there is no patch or manual solution at the moment, if your model is affected, there is no other option but to wait.

Via | XDA Developers