Google will already develop its own exclusive games for Stadia, it will bet on third party developers

After completing its first year of life, the streaming video game platform Stadia changes strategy. Google advertises the closure of Stadia Games and Entertainment, the in-house studio the company had created two years ago to create its own exclusive games.

In the official statement, Google informs that they will focus the future of Stadia as a video game platform and not as a study for reduce management costs and expenses.

Google will invest in its partners to launch their games on Stadia

Stadia Games Entertainment Studio

When Google introduced Stadia to the world in March 2019 it also announced the creation of the internal studio Stadia Games and Entertainment Directed by veteran Jade Raymond, but your adventure is now over. Jade Raymond has left the company and Google has announced the dissolution of the studio, confirming that They are only going to release the games they had planned in the short term.

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The reason for the closure of the internal Stadia study? The money. Google advises that creating the best games from scratch takes many years and a significant investment, and the cost increases exponentially. From what seems its internal study could generate losses that could drag Stadia. So stop creating their own exclusive games.

By 2021, Google wants to focus all its resources on improving the platform now get more games from third-party developers. Now they will bet more on their partners to help them launch their games on Stadia.

Google thinks this is the best way for Stadia to be sustainable in the long term. Their goal remains to create the best streaming gaming platform for both gamers and developers.

For many that Google closes the internal study of Stadia Via | Google

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