Google updates the application included in the betas

In the absence of a short time to start the journey of Android 12 Google has just shown signs the update will be available soon in its first version for developers: the company has updated the application that serves to transmit the experience with the beta. This means that we will soon be able to enjoy android 12.

We are counting the days for Android 12 to finally make its appearance, a moment that should not extend beyond February. And a sudden move by Google makes one suspect the proximity of the first version for developers: the feedback application included in the betas has just been updated. It's time to prepare the Pixels, it won't take too long to update them.

When you see the application update put your Pixel to heat

Android Beta Feedback Android beta app update. Screenshots of 9to5Google

At the moment we ignore the dates and if finally the first beta of Android 12 will be revealed this February, but everything seems to indicate that this will be the case. Google is used to following the steps of previous years, so it is quite logical that it repeats the movements of 2020 with Android 10 (it was presented on February 19); which in turn was slightly ahead of Android 10 of 2018 (March 7).

Android 12, some of its features leaked to date such as its internal firewall or improvements for games

As reflected by 9to5Google, the company has recently updated the application related to the Android beta, an app that serves to communicate experience with software under test. Although it seems like a slight movement, the truth is that it is a great anticipation that Android 12 will be among us soon, surely during the next few weeks. In addition, there are many leaks around the news of the next great version of Android.

Android 12 plans to introduce a lot of changes, especially within the scope of privacy. Surely we are not witnessing an exaggerated aesthetic change since Google has evolved the native Android design in a very satisfactory way. And it could have a built-in Firewall, application hibernation and support for vibration in games controlled with a physical controller, among other novelties.

You have to keep track of the current system, especially if you have a Google Pixel 3 or higher (Google no longer offers updates to previous Pixel). Get ready to install the first version for developers, we will surely have it among us before the end of February.

Android Beta Feedback (Early Access)

Android Beta Feedback (Early Access)

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