Google paid millions of dollars to some users to find bugs

Google is a company characterized by rewarding those people who find security flaws on your applications and services through your rewards program. Some rewards made up of millionaire amounts paid by the Mountain View company.

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In fact, thanks to the fact that it is published on its security blog, we can know exactly how much Google usually pays to locate these flaws. So, for example, a couple of years ago, Google's vulnerability bounty program delivered a whopping amount of $ 6.5 million in 2019, almost double the 3.4 million it paid in 2018. Nothing bad

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It should be remembered that Android Security Rewards is an initiative, which was born in 2010, through which rewards are offered to those researchers capable of discover - and demonstrate - security flaws in the operating system and app store. In the statement, Google also revealed that the largest single payment went to Alpha Labs' Guany Gong, who discovered a major exploit in the Google Pixel 3, leading to receive just over $ 201,000.

Google paid more than $ 6.5 million in rewards in 2019 alone

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“Another record year for us, thanks to our researchers! We paid over $ 6.5 million in rewards, doubling what we have paid in a single year. At the same time, our researchers decided to donate an all-time high of $ 500,000 to charities this year. That's 5 times the amount we previously donated in a single year. Thank you very much for your hard work and generous donations! ”, The statement can read.

Among the data offered by Google, it stands out that those 6.5 million dollars were divided into variable amounts paid to 461 researchers, with just over half a million dollars destined for charitable causes during 2019. Looking ahead to the next few years, the amount of money spent by Android Security Rewards is expected to increase considerably considering that more and more devices and services are connected.

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