Google Meet now has a "test room" for you to record a video and check the picture and sound before a video call

To prevent you from spending more time than anyone has asking if they see or hear you well every time you join a video call, Google Meet has finally added a way to test just this before you start one.

The service has added a new option on the web that allows you in a couple of clicks check the audio and video of your computer recording a small video of a few seconds, so you can see how others will see and hear you.

Check all your devices at once


While tools like Skype or Zoom have options in the settings that allow you to adjust the microphone and video and test their operation, the Google Meet tool is a bit more interesting and brings everything together in one place.

The new "Check Audio and Video" button appears just below your image when you enter Meet. Clicking there takes you to a window where all your devices are listed audio and video, and you can switch between one and the other at any time.

So you can use Snapchat filters on your PC to make your video conferences more fun or fake a bad connection

Once you choose devices you can go to record a video of a few seconds to determine the quality of sound and video that you can transmit. Next step you will see that video that will not be stored anywhere and simply ceases to exist once you see it.

It is something simple but very useful and that Google Meet really needed, especially because of the few configuration options that the tool already offers, and how small the preview video box was from the settings.

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