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Google launches an API for sleep tracking on Android

To perform a sleep tracking no need to have an activity bracelet. We can measure sleep from our Android mobile with applications that can now use less battery.

After launching more than two years ago the [API de actividades](Activity recognition API), Google is now launching the new Sleep API, a new feature that developers can use in their applications to detect when we are sleeping in a more efficient way.

The sleep API

Google reports that this new API is very important for developers year tracking applications, as they will not have to spend valuable engineering time combining sensor signals to detect when the user has started or finished sleeping, with detection algorithms that are inconsistent between applications and also check independent and continuous changes in user activity. When there are several applications that try to find out if we are sleeping or awake, the battery life is affected.

Sleep Tracking

With the Sleep API, developed in collaboration with the creator of Sleep As Android, sleep detection processing is centralized in a single API, so that the applications that make use of this API will not consume more battery, since Google Play Services will calculate our sleep activity for all applications. Not like now, that each application tries to detect our state.

Google already uses this sleep API in several of its applications, such as in the Clock application that allows us to track our sleep and the activity we do in hours when we should be sleeping.

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