Google Fit will allow you to measure your heart and respiratory rate through the cameras of your mobile

The application of Google for him activity and health tracking You will receive a major update in a few weeks. Following its latest redesign, the next update of Google Fit will be able to measure two vital signs.

Starting next month with Google Fit you can measure your heart and breathing rate without requiring any special sensor, using only the camera of your device. Of course, this feature will come first on the Pixel with plans to bring this novelty to more devices.

So you can measure your pulse and respiratory rate with your mobile

Google anticipates that to measure the heart rate we will only only have to place your finger on the rear camera lens. To measure Breathing frequency we will use the front camera to focus on the head and upper torso and breathe normally to calculate the rate.

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Measuring the pulse and respiratory rate using the cameras of a mobile is thanks to the fact that the sensors are increasingly powerful, which together with the advances in computer vision they allow tracking of small physical signals at the pixel level such as chest movements for respiratory rate or subtle color changes that occur in the fingertips by blood flow to calculate heart rate.

Google has conducted clinical studies to validate the results achieved in a wide variety of real-world conditions and for as many people as possible. For example, the heart rate algorithm takes into account factors such as lighting, skin tone, or age.

The company advises that these measures are not designed for a medical diagnosis or to evaluate medical conditions. They only serve as an estimate to help us make changes in our habits to improve our well-being.

Google Fit: activity and health tracking

Google Fit: activity and health tracking

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