Google closes its internal studies and explains its new business approach

Google has done it again, the Mountain View giant shows the future of the video game with Stadia, but it has not known how to sell it and now it seems to be on the tightrope ... New commercial approach is sought, they say!

Since Google introduced us to Stadia in March 2019, many of us have been convinced that indeed there was the future of the video game, although after landing in November of the same year and with the first reviews and opinions, the usual jug of cold water arrived with these Mountain View Giant Experiments that usually don't end well.

And is that Google Stadia can surely be the best option for the uninitiated in the universe gaming, but from California they have never been able to sell it too convincingly, with a too limited catalog, a gamepad specific and closed and more limitations than desirable on a paid service that has not finished justifying the price of its subscription.

Google Stadia and Cyberpunk

Not even Cyberpunk has been able to encourage Google Stadia, which seems to be already on the tightrope in true Google style.

In fact, it seems that Google knows something is wrong with Stadia, and as they told us from Kotaku, major changes on a platform that seems to wobble at times, although nothing suggests (yet) that it can go so soon to the cemetery of Google services.

Things are not looking too good with Google Stadia, since it seems that Jade Raymond would already be out of a Google that is looking, according to some media, a new commercial approach so that Stadia becomes more attractive to the general public.

What can we expect from Google Stadia this 2021

Google Stadia closes its internal studies, and this will be its new commercial strategy

Google has not taken long to meet the news with an official press release, and it is that the movement was expected after Stadia officials canceled a lot of projects, including all games scheduled for release beyond an undetermined date in 2021.

In fact, it seems that more advanced video games will arrive and that they are closer, but Google will close its two internal video game studiosboth Montreal and Los Angeles, which have survived only a few months without any major release (really without any pitch) behind his back.

Apparently, Google will try to relocate 150 developers hired in both studies, but Jade raymond, responsible for the creation of games on Stadia after its successful stint at Ubisoft and EA, has decided to leave the company to seek new projects and most attractive challenges in the industry gaming.

All calm, for now, and that is Google will continue to operate Stadia as up to date, including your service premium by subscription, but from now on will focus on its future as a platform reducing all operating costs of the service and refocusing objectives.

Not in vain, your technology will be offered to publishers and developers, opening the interesting possibility that Stadia be behind the streaming of great studies who want to offer this possibility to their players. This is undoubtedly great news, since the experience of using Stadia is enormously good.

We see significant opportunity in working with partners looking for a gaming solution based on the advanced technical infrastructure and tools of the Stadia platform. We believe this is the best way to turn Stadia into a long-term sustainable company that helps grow this industry.

Phil Harrison, Vice President and CEO, Google Stadia

Not all is bad news, because the Google statement, which you can read in full by following the link in the bottom button, also states that all current Stadia players can continue to enjoy their titles both on Stadia and Stadia Pro, and from Google will continue to offer new third-party games on the platform.

It therefore does not seem that Stadia could soon end up in the drawer of oblivion of a Google that claims to be committed to the future of cloud gaming, and that it will continue to drive the platform now by focusing on create the best possible platform for both gamers as for the partners to join the project, improving the experience of the streaming of video games to satisfy everyone at a stroke.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is perhaps the best platform to play Cyberpunk 2077, its only great success.

This is, in short, that Stadia technology works and your experience is beyond good In most situations, we have checked it ourselves, but Google does not want to continue wasting money trying to create its own video games to a platform that has never achieved an attractive catalog perhaps due to tough competition and exclusivities, or also because, according to some, "Google was a terrible place to create video games, like Amazon, but with fewer resources"… I won't say I wasn't expecting it!

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