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Google Chat preview begins to reach some users of classic Hangouts

A few months ago, Google confirmed that the wait transition from classic Hangouts to the new Google Chat It would take place in the first half of this year 2021, and it seems that this migration has already begun to take place.

As leaked earlier this month, Google Chat was preparing the launch of a Beta version for consumers, a preview that already has started to reach some users.

Google Chat 'Consumer Beta'

Google Chat

There are several users who have reported that they can already use Google Chat Through their user account, the messaging application shows the contacts, conversations and groups they had in Hangouts.

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A welcome window informs users that Google Chat introduces a ** new experience and features that were not available in Hangouts **, also informing that it is a preview, which could present errors.

Until now, Google Chat is only available for accounts Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Consumer accounts could only use Google Chat if they received an invitation to join a conversation already created by a Workspace account.

At the moment it seems that the launch of Google Chat Beta it has been very limited. It has been activated in very few accounts, so we will have to wait to see if over the next few weeks Google begins to activate this preview to any user who wants to test before the official launch at successor to Hangouts. The final version should be ready by June at the latest.

Via | 9to5Google