Gmail adds vibration to the gesture to delete or archive emails

Google has incorporated a small novelty to one of its star applications, Gmail. But, even though it may not seem too relevant, it does improve the experience with the app: the gesture of swiping an email to perform actions now incorporates a vibration to confirm said gesture. This prevents more than one accidental slippage.

Gmail is one of those Google Apps that end up causing a great void in those mobiles that lack Google services. And it is not surprising: although there are dozens of mail applications, Google has achieved a mobile app that is not only very powerful, but also complete and versatile. As a result of the effort to improve it, little by little, it has been gaining new features, both in functions and in the response of the app. And the latest addition brings very good vibes.

Gmail now subtly vibrates when swiping an email

Gmail Swipe Gesture Exact point of the gesture where Gmail vibrates

Swipe actions are extremely useful for managing the various emails in the tray. Default, Gmail applies an archive every time a specific mail slides to the right or to the left; with the option to delete, mark as read or unread, move to or postpone (you have to choose the specific action in the settings). Gmail allows you to undo every action, but until now it had not introduced a physical response from the phone to the swipe gesture.

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With the latest version of Gmail, number 355085521, Google introduces a shy vibe when moving an email in either direction (left or right). In this way, the phone physically communicates to the user that it is about to perform an action that could have consequences; as much as possible undo within first seconds.

The aforementioned vibration is generated when the slide bar is approximately in the middle. It is a very weak movement, so subtle that it is only perceived if you have the phone in your hand. And we have not noticed it on all phones, for now only on our Google Pixels.

Gmail Swipe Gesture

The novelty is already in the latest stable version of Gmail. Although, if you do not have it installed, you can test if you have the vibration available in the swipe gestures by installing the file from Apk Mirror. At the moment it is not compatible with all mobile phones.

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